When and how to pack your pantry before moving?

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Moving day is coming close, and you’ve already used all of your moving tips and packing strategies. But you have pantry and kitchen left, and you wonder. How do you pack your pantry before moving? Luckily, expert pieces of advice from moving companies in North Carolina can be of extreme use and a helping hand. We will here guide you and give you some tips. Let’s go!

First of all, get rid of the food that is expired

We all have some jars or cans of food that is expired in our pantry. Or there is some food that we would not use. So, before moving, it would be a wise idea to throw away expired food. Also, look and get rid of  some items such as:

  • Opened snacks bags and drinks
  • Leftovers
  • Frozen meals that have been in a freezer for a long time
  • Any food in your freezer that has freezer burn

If you still have some food that is edible but you cannot move it at that moment, you can choose storage Charlotte NC. Putting items in a storage unit is always a good idea.

People carrying boxes. Get help to pack your pantry before moving.
Find some friends or companies that will help you to pack your pantry before moving

What food are you supposed to keep and move?

Movers Cornelius NC will tell you that the pantry is usually the last room that we pack. It is for the obvious reason since we will be packing for a few days and we will have to use the pantry and its items. So, try to eat and drink the majority of items before your moving day. Since it is not possible to eat it all, you will take some food with you. But, only take the food that will stay edible and in its original containers during the journey to your new home.  The items that have not been opened match these criteria the best in most circumstances.

Pack your pantry on time – a week before your moving day

It is essential to start packing on time. Probably, you will need a lot of boxes for your items. Charlotte residential movers can provide the packing equipment for you, or you can find some used boxes at a local store. Firstly, pack the things you will not use in the upcoming ten days. Also, do not forget to wrap some items like liquids.

a man writing on a box
Start packing on time to avoid stress

How to deal with spices when you pack your pantry before moving

Everyone has spices and we may need to take some extra care when packing them. They are easily spilled, so you have to make sure they are tightly sealed, taped, and wrapped in some packing paper. If this seems like a tough job, ask for help. Your friends and family can assist you or you can use the moving services Charlotte NC offers. They are patient, professional, and experienced movers.

Do not forget to pack a box with the things you will need right away

Once you move to your new home, you will immediately need some kitchen gadgets or items from your pantry. So, do not forget to pack a box with some essentials such as coffee, food cans, pasta, bottles of water, snacks, and so on. We hope our tips will help you to pack your pantry before moving. Happy moving!


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