What to do with food when moving a house?

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When you are moving away, the last part of the home to pack is your kitchen. You probably wonder, what to do with food when moving away? If you are developing a plan in advance, this won’t be a problem for you. But when you see it after packing a bunch of food in your fridge, it might seem impossible. But don’t worry, it’s actually not at all. You shouldn’t stress about it and worry too much. It’s better if you focus on interstate moving companies North Carolina has to hire. The relocation will be much easier. Also, there are plenty of things to do, so it’s really important that you start on time. Try not to be late with the schedule.

First, what to do with food when moving away is to figure out what you have

You won’t be able to do anything with your fridge and food if you don’t have any idea what do you have. So, better go to your fridge, and start taking notes. Write down what is in the fridge on the shelves, what is in the freezer and pantry.

Three same dishes in glass pots next to each other.
There are a few options for what to do with food when moving away.

After that, you can separate everything so it will be easier to sort it out. And you will make it easier on Charlotte residential movers that you hired. Make a list for:

  • Canned food
  • Perishables
  • Non-perishables
  • Baking and cooking ingredients
  • Glass bottles

And, what you should definitely consider, is to write down the expiry date of each thing. This will help you a lot in the process. Since there is no need to relocate items that will expire right away. While your piano movers Charlotte NC are focusing to relocate your instrument, you can finish the kitchen.

Nothing can work out if you don’t have a plan

Not only relocation, for sure, but many things and processes in our lives require us to make a plan. Good organization and a perfect plan are a combination that wins every time. So, better start planning. Firstly, what you want to do, after you wrote down what you have and the expiry dates, it’s time to make decisions about what to do with food when moving away. What you should do is bold the priority items and fewer priority items such as snacks and so on. You should highlight what food is a priority on that list such as perishables that you need to eat as soon as possible, before your move, and for instance, the less important. Those can be non-perishables such as snacks, or cereals.

Now, make a plan of what to eat before your moving day, what to donate, and what to throw away. If your move is a long-distance one, then there is no need to pack anything with you. It’s just better to give food to those in need. It will get rotten. And anyway, you will have to visit a grocery store once you arrive at your home. Your pool table movers Charlotte NC that you hired can also help you out with this plan. They are experienced movers after all. And it’s definitely not their first time that their customers have a full fridge before the move. It’s a common thing, and it’s okay.

A person cutting vegetables and preparing to cook.
Cooking is the best solution you have!

Do you wonder what to do with food when moving a house? It’s easy! Eat as much as possible, of course

One of the positive things when you are moving away and your fridge is full is that you can play with cooking! You can try to mix everything and even invent new recipes. It’s time to get very creative, and this will for sure be interesting for all the members of your family. You can have theme nights, or you can let your kids decide what are you eating and when. Whatever the choices are, just eat up!

If you really want to pack some food with you, there are some tips that can make it easier for you. For instance, you should choose only small moving boxes. The biggest size should be a medium one. There is no need to take larger than that. Also, when you are packing, put the heavy items first, such as canned food. As you add more layers, make them lighter. Prevent any kind of leakage with plastic bags for the freezer. And zip ties them with some durable zip ties. Or instead, you can buy ziplock bags if you are worried about it. If you have a portable cooler, definitely pack the food inside it and bring it with you in the car. Not in the truck with movers Gastonia NC.

What about the rest of the food?

There will be plenty of food left even after you try to cook and eat everything and pack some items. With the rest of the food, you can always donate it. There are many hungry people that don’t have enough finances for surviving and they would appreciate even a slice of bread. Imagine how much you would make them happy with so much food. This is without a question a better solution than calling junk removal Charlotte has to throw away your food.

Also, if you have nice neighbors and a neighborhood, you can give it away to them. Or maybe you can make a goodbye party for the whole street and really use everything that is in your fridge. Sharing with your friends and neighbors is also a nice gesture, and a good reason to spend more time with them. You are moving away, after all.

And don’t forget the main thing. The moving day! You don’t want to relocate on empty stomach, do you? You should leave some food for that purpose only. Make some sandwiches, snacks and whatever it is that you like to eat. Also, fill in all the bottles you have around home for water, you will need it!

Table in a restaurant with glasses, napkins and cutlery.
In the first few days, try to visit local restaurants and eat!

Now it’s time to fill up the fridge again

So, now that you no longer wonder what to do with food when moving, it’s time to move on. Once you arrive at your new home, it’s time to fill that new fridge up again. Visit the closest, or the cheapest grocery store nearby and buy food. Not too much, because in the first weeks you will be exhausted to cook anything. And most likely, you will be visiting local bars and restaurants. So save that action for later.


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