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As soon as you sign the papers for your new home, and make a deal with the chosen moving company, you need to think about the most important step. And that is one major detail that many people oversee. Or simply don’t consider it at all. We are talking about moving insurance. And don’t skip this task. Because you might believe that your moving company’s policy is going to take care of any issues if something occurs to your items during the relocation. However, in many cases, a moving company simply won’t cover the values of your items. That is why moving insurance is very important and Supreme Movers NC will explain all about different types of moving insurance.

Different types of moving insurance to consider before the move

Moving insurance covers your items if something happens during the transport. Hence the coverage that the moving company offers your will usually cover is only $0.30 to $0.60 per pound. Since it depends on whether the relocation is intrastate or out of state. You should know that not all moving insurance will cover the actual replacement cost of your belongings. For example, if you receive insurance from your movers, you won’t be protected for the entire worth of your large antique dining room table, which weighs 100 pounds. Hence, if it is damaged during the relocation, the coverage you will receive will reimburse you for $30, even if the table is worth $1,200. That is why movers Concord NC suggest you consider other types of moving insurance.

These are the types of moving insurance you can opt for:

  • Basic carrier liability
  • Declared value protection
  • Full replacement liability
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Make sure to know all the different types of moving insurance

Basic carrier liability is the lowest insurance

Basic carrier liability is the lowest insurance. And all licensed movers will have this basic carrier liability. It is built into their standard moving fee. Because it is the minimal amount of liability that must offer to you. Also, you should know that you won’t get full coverage for damaged items with basic carrier liability. Since basic carrier liability is “released value” and it has limitations. For intrastate relocation, the limit is $0.30 and $0.60 for interstate relocation per pound per article. So, make sure to check with your moving company on what the minimum liability is for your state. If you need additional information, you can always consult with moving companies Charlotte NC to give you advice.

Declared value protection

Declared value protection is different from basic carrier liability. The customer declares that your entire shipment is given a dollar amount. By declaring the value of your goods, the insurance company allows recording how much your items cost. Also, there is an additional charge of $1.25 times the weight of your shipment. For instance, if your entire shipment weighs 8,000 pounds, your moving company is responsible for up to $10,000. With this plan, the mover is can charge you $7 for each $1,000 of liability. And the charge of $70, the moving company will add to your bill under additional liability. Even though you will pay a bit more money for this type of coverage, you will have a piece of mind. This is especially critical if your workplace is being relocated. In that case, ask Charlotte commercial movers for help!

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Declared value protection is different from basic carrier liability

Full replacement liability

This is the most inclusive type of liability. And if you use it, you’ll receive full cash value for any item that is lost or damaged. If you have a vehicle full of high-end possessions and your liability exceeds $1.25 per pound, you should consider obtaining full replacement liability. And yes, this will be the most expensive option. However, we recommend it for those who have many costly items. You can use packing services Charlotte NC if you are dealing with expensive belongings.

You should know that the mover is responsible for the first part of the coverage. That part is up to $0.60 per pound per article. And if there is anything above that amount, the insurance company should meet the replacement cost of your item. For Full Replacement Liability, you should look at a minimum charge of between $3.50-$4.50 times the weight of your goods. Bear in mind that this type of coverage comes with a deductible. Hence you are accountable for that deductible amount in the case of repairs or loss. And this deductible amount is either $100, $250, or $500. Moreover, you can reduce the price of moving insurance by selecting only the items that you will really need in your new home. As for the items that you don’t need anymore, junk removal Charlotte will help you to get rid of them.

Expensive items need different covers and special moving insurance

You need to know that movers can limit their liability to articles of extraordinary value. Hence you should identify all packed items and see if you have any expensive belongings. Moreover, you should tell your moving agent (in writing) that you have these items in your shipment. If the value is more than $100 per pound per article, that is surely an extraordinary value. In that case, your mover will give you an explanation of this liability before you relocate. Also, if you do choose to include such items, you will have to complete a High-Value Inventory sheet and sign it before the move. Also, if you need to make a claim, the limit for the settlement is up to whatever amount you declare for the entire shipment.

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Pay special attention to your expensive items

Bear in mind that if you do not list all items of extraordinary value or fail to sign the inventory sheet, the liability will be limited to no more than $100 per pound per article. Hence you should certainly transport such belongings (if it is possible at all) in your own vehicle rather than in a moving truck.

Now you know what are the different types of moving insurance and what you will need to do before the move.


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