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Moving is usually a very pricy endeavor. Because of that, it’s important to plan a moving budget carefully. Movers you choose can significantly affect moving costs. Keep in mind that not all movers are the same. Some movers are cheaper, some offer better deals, but that doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily worse than other moving companies in North Carolina. And even though a price itself isn’t a telltale sign of what the movers are like, moving estimates are something you should pay attention to since they can seriously impact moving costs. Unfortunately, estimates can be very confusing to all those who haven’t had prior experience with them. That said, worry not, estimates just sound confusing but are very easy to explain and understand.

Different kinds of moving estimates are a thing

Estimates, quotes… All this moving lingo is enough to make your head spin. But we promise it’s all much simpler than it sounds. Luckily, there are but three types of moving quotes. However, they are very different and can make moving costs also vastly different. Just reading up a bit on quotes, though, can save you a decent amount of money. Because of that, it’s best to get a grasp on all three sorts of estimates so you can make a sound choice for your upcoming move.

A man who's stressed out because he's struggling to understand moving estimates.
Moving estimates just seem hard to understand, but they’re actually very simple and straightforward!

 A non-binding moving estimate

Non-binding estimates are a type of estimates where the price depends on the weight of belongings being moved. However, the prices are not set in stone. If the weight of belongings changes the price will also change. That means that it’s very likely that the end price will be a lot higher. That often happens because the weight assumed by movers during quoting is approximate and not exact. The actual weight of belongings is something you’ll have to pay in the end. That, though, can sometimes come as a shock since companies that offer non-binding estimates usually seem to offer the best deals. However, these deals often end up being a lot less sweet than they originally seem. That’s why you have to be careful when hiring movers who offer non-binding moving estimates.

Do we recommend hiring movers who offer non-binding moving estimates?

The short answer is no, we do not. Non-binding estimates can get very expensive which in the end makes them potentially the worst deal out of all types of estimates. Because of that, they are not super popular among those looking to move. Some people might like paying for the exact weight they’re moving and don’t mind not knowing the definitive cost until the end. However, most people are not okay with that. A majority of people like to know exactly what they have to pay. That way it’s much easier to plan a moving budget. Luckily, non-binding estimates are not the most popular type of estimates among residential and commercial movers North Carolina offers. That means that you can easily avoid them when moving within or from NC.

A binding estimate

A binding estimate is based on an approximate weight of belongings. However, unlike non-binding estimates, when you get a price with a binding estimate, the price will stay the same no matter what. For example, if you’re looking for movers that also offer packing services, you’ll get a definitive price for your move, all services included, if they offer binding estimates. Keep in mind though, that you’ll have to pay that same price even if the weight of your belongings ends up being lower than estimated. For that reason, it’s very important to find honest movers who never overquote clients. You should also be aware of the fact that companies who offer binding moving estimates might have higher initial costs. That, though, all levels out by the end. And with binding estimates, there’s no risk of unsuspected extra costs.

A satisfied young woman planning a move.
With binding estimates, you get a fixed price which means you can plan your moving budget with ease!

Are the binding estimates the best choice for moving?

For a lot of people yes! With this type of moving estimate, you always know where you stand. You can plan your moving budget with ease without worrying about extra costs. Of course, it’s always advisable to have some extra money on the side when moving should anything happen. But paying extra for movers is not something you’ll have to worry about!

A binding not-to-exceed moving estimate

Binding not-to-exceed estimates are perhaps truly the best deal! So if you can find commercial or residential movers, that offer these estimates, make sure to hire them on the spot! With binding not-to-exceed estimates you also get a guaranteed price. However, if the weight of your belongings exceeds the assumed weight you still get to pay the quoted price! On top of that, if the weight of your belongings ends up being less than originally thought, you’ll pay less.

Binding not-to-exceed moving estimates are maybe the best estimates on the market

With binding not-to-exceed estimates you get everything you might want. Not only do you get a fixed price, in a way, which you can build your budget around, but you also potentially get to save money. That makes these estimates probably the best option overall. So if you’re looking for the most financially sound option, look for movers that offer binding not-to-exceed quotes.

A happy cutomers holding a moving box.
With binding not-to-exceed estimates you get the best deal!

Now that you know about moving estimates it’s time to find movers

There are many costs you need to factor into your moving budget. These costs, obviously include movers. However, it’s hard to plan a moving budget unless you know exactly how much you have to pay for movers and their services. That’s why it’s very important to know enough about moving estimates so you can make a good decision for yourself, your move, and your pocket. Luckily, now you’re all caught up and ready to find movers that offer estimates you best like. Good luck!


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