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To get from Concord to Charlotte, you need about a 30-minute drive. Although the distance is not so big, hiring the Supreme Movers NC is still recommendable. You may have a lot of friends to help you with packing and moving. Also, you can get a lot of moving supplies for free. And you can hire the movers only to move the difficult pieces of furniture. Still, if you wish to make moving from Concord to Charlotte more enjoyable, hire a moving company that provides full-service relocation.

Moving from Concord to Charlotte is more like changing the neighborhood

There is something comforting in the fact that you will always be able to visit your old place. Whenever you want, you can join friends in a local restaurant. You can also remain a member of your old golf club. So, you don’t need to feel any remorse or grief for living. Already this is making your move from Concord to Charlotte an enjoyable adventure. And hiring the full services of movers Charlotte NC, you can just sit back and enjoy.

Aerial view of the city in the evening you can see moving from Concord to Charlotte.
Charlotte is one of the fastest-growing cities in the area.

There is one thing you will have to do before movers start with packing

This is actually the only thing that movers can’t do instead of you. That is decluttering. So, you will have to decide:

  • What things do you want to move to your new home in Charlotte
  • What do you want to present to your friends
  • Which of the things will be good for charities
  • What things are good only for throwing away

Once you complete this part, only the things you want to move will remain in your home. Also, the representative of your movers will be able to make a more precise cost estimation. Once you complete the paperwork, the packing can start.

What should you do while movers are packing your things?

There are many ways how you can spend time while movers Concord NC are preparing your home for relocation. Your home will become like a construction site. So, you will not have much peace there. Of course, you will have to check how the packing process is going on. But you don’t need to be present all the time. Instead, you can take your family out for a walk. Or to one of your favorite places. That way, you will have control over works in the home. And on the other hand, your family will have holiday-like days. For sure, they will enjoy it.

A piano near the window wall, positioned on shiny tiles.
Don’t be worried about your piano moving from Concord to Charlotte.

Ask the movers to pack the kitchen last

For sure, you still have a lot of food in the house that you will not be allowed to move to Charlotte. Instead of throwing it, you can always leave it to neighbors. However, as you have your kitchen still operational, you can use some time to surprise and treat your movers with a nice meal. Home-made food is always welcome, and you can be sure they will respect it. Also, the whole family can join. If they have already dismantled and packed your dining room, improvised eating from moving boxes can be fun for all.

You can also treat everyone to some cakes and coffee. By that, you will give your movers some time off. It will also help them to regain their strength. For sure, your kids will also enjoy it. Eating in such unusual circumstances will be fun for them.

Before the move, you can go and visit the Charlotte

Since Charlotte is very close to Concord, you can drive there and explore your new town. Charlotte, thanks to its affordability and rich job market, is one of the fastest-growing cities in the area. So, this interesting city, full of historical sites, is rapidly growing. Also, the costs of living in Charlotte and Concord are not deferring a lot. For that reason, many are moving to Charlotte, to avoid commuting. Also, it is good for young parents. It offers excellent schooling possibilities for kids. So, moving services Charlotte NC is lately very busy moving people to one of Charlotte’s fast-growing neighborhoods.

There are many interesting things to enjoy in Charlotte

Charlotte has many amazing restaurants. So, when you get tired from sightseeing, you can take a break enjoying a nice meal. The food choice is various. You can order anything, from barbeque to soul food and from classic meals to vegetarian-focused eateries. After refreshment, you can continue to explore Charlotte. In general, the town is divided into four sections:

  • Central Charlotte – its fastest-growing neighborhoods are Montford Park and Parkwood Square
  • East Charlotte – where neighbors Waterleaf and Larkhaven Hills, have many new houses on sale
  • North Charlotte – Davidson and Mooresville are offering a peaceful and private environment for young families
  • South Charlotte – where the most attractive neighborhoods are Indian Land and Waxhaw.
People around the table are eating and drinking during the housewarming party.
Invite your friends for a housewarming party.

Are you worried about your piano moving from Concord to Charlotte?

You don’t need to be. The piano movers Charlotte NC are experienced and they know how to properly move any type of piano. So, instead of worrying, enjoy envisioning your piano in your new Charlotte home. After the move, it will be as good as ever before. And you will be able to entertain family and learn kids to play.

Moving day from Concord to Charlotte is almost completed

As the crews of the moving company are unloading the moving truck, you are feeling fresh and enthusiastic. And you are realizing that opting for the full-service relocation was the right decision. You have not only skipped the hardest part of moving, but you had a lot of time to go around with family. And it was a special pleasure to see how the pool table movers Charlotte NC are skillfully unloading your precious item.

Once your new home in Charlotte is set, invite friends to the party

Your new Charlotte home is now furnished. You have set and decorated all the rooms nicely. Your piano is in the right place in the living room. And the pool table is ready. Also, you made moving from Concord to Charlotte more enjoyable organizing events for your family. And sparing all of them from hard work. So, now is the time to give a call to your old friends and organize a housewarming party. It may happen that some of your friends show interest to move too. You can help them with the Charlotte relocation guide. There, they will be able to find many interesting things.


I have hired Supreme movers to help me relocate my store from Concord to Charlotte and couldn't be more satisfied. They were very professional and finished everything on time, just like we initially agreed on. Prime service without a doubt!

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