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After a serious move, the last thing to look forward to is finding the perfect apartment. But, it isn’t as hard as you might think. Now it’s time to put in the last bit of effort and enjoy the fruits of your labor as soon as it’s done. As one of the best moving companies in North Carolina, we’ve decided to make a quick guide to help you out. You’ll find an apartment in Charlotte in no time!

Visit Charlotte beforehand

A general rule is that you need to go at least once to the city you’re moving to. We recommend checking out some apartment listings on apartments.com, or any other reputable site. Additionally, don’t just go to Charlotte without a plan. Choose some of your top apartment picks and go visit these places. We’d say you should be prepared for up to a week of staying in a hotel or motel.

A couple eating after trying to find an apartment in Charlotte
Make some effort beforehand in order to enjoy a nice apartment later

Then you can start visiting your favorite apartments you’ve already chosen. One thing to look out for though is that landlords, as well as neighbors, can come off as very kind, but actually be kind of rude or unaccepting. Just keep your eyes wide open and try to be a good judge of character. If this is a skill you’re still building, you can ask a friend you trust to come with you and analyze your surroundings.

Put in the research to find an apartment in Charlotte

We’ve already mentioned this, but we’d like to go a bit more into depth. Not only should you be careful when researching for the apartment itself. Some other things to take into account include your surroundings. Are there any 24/7 shops? Can your children play somewhere and be safe? Are there good schools?

If you don’t have children, look into your interests. You’re going to a yoga class, are there any close ones in your new neighborhood? Also, if you’re into nightlife, you’d likely love to be near some bars or clubs. Just be clear with yourself on what you want and finding it won’t be a great challenge. Our movers Matthews NC are also here for any of your questions.

Ask around

In order to find an apartment in Charlotte, maybe it’s wise to ask someone in Charlotte. This can be a coworker if you’re moving due to your job, or a friend from college. We advise you to ask as many people as you can to get the right information. They’ll be able to shed a little light on your personal preference. They know the neighborhoods and can help you choose the right one!

Additionally, maybe your company or college can help out. There are surely people who know how to answer your questions, even if they aren’t your friends. This can be the perfect excuse for you to make some new friends.

A woman searching something on her computer
The internet is your best friend while searching for an apartment.

Hire a realtor

If push comes to shove, hiring a realtor is an amazing option. They are sure to know all the ins and outs of all the neighborhoods. Not only will they find what you’re looking for, but you know you can trust them. You are paying for their services and they will deliver the best outcome for you. It is wise, though, to hire a realtor through word of mouth. If you’re feeling a bit skeptical, a good recommendation will put you at ease.

Why do it yourself when you can consult someone whose job is finding the perfect apartment? You’ll see how efficient and time-effective this option can be. Now that you’ve finished all of your pre-moving obligations, it’s time to move! If packing is something causing you stress, we can offer our packing services Charlotte NC. Our professionals will be able to get all your packing done in no time. Zero worrying!

Be financially prepared

This doesn’t mean you need to be a millionaire, of course. Just have enough money on hand for any costs that may arise. Starting from traveling costs all the way to your apartment deposit. Be prepared that the deposit can be bigger than you imagine. Another pro tip we can offer you is that if you’ve accumulated a bit more money and pay rent for a few months in advance, you’re likely to get a little discount.

Not only that, but the landlord will know that you have the money and will automatically think highly of you. Everyone wants a hardworking tenant. As far as hiring movers, as one of the best interstate moving companies North Carolina, we’re available and ready to offer our services.

In need of specialized moving services?

Let’s say you find an apartment in Charlotte and you’re ready to move. But there are a few things causing you a headache. How will you ever move your piano to your new apartment? Well, we’ve got the perfect solution for you! Our piano movers Charlotte NC are some of the most highly trained and professional individuals to handle a piano. They’ve got years of experience and a lot of very satisfied clients. So, worry not about your piano, just let us take care of it.

A man playing a piano
Your piano is something you need safely transported. You can count on us!

Now, what will you do about your pool table? Not many people own them and not many moving companies have experience in transporting pool tables. But our pool table movers Charlotte NC are more than prepared to take on this challenge. We know how important a statement piece such as a pool table is. If you’re looking for someone to carefully handle your pool table and safely bring it to your new home, look no further!

We hope our tips on how to find an apartment in Charlotte have helped you. For any additional concerns, feel free to contact us and we’re more than happy to answer all of your inquiries. We wish you a quick and easy moving process! Good luck!


I have hired Supreme movers to help me relocate my store from Concord to Charlotte and couldn't be more satisfied. They were very professional and finished everything on time, just like we initially agreed on. Prime service without a doubt!

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