Tips on how to store your holiday treasures after moving from Monroe to Charlotte NC

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Lights, lanterns, decorations, ornaments, and all other Christmas decorations are part of your holiday treasures. After the holidays and their use, the real challenge is to pack everything again, which is the same thing after the moving process. So, you need to set aside a little more time to be able to store your holiday treasures in a proper way. Things like this are very sensitive, and they are easy to damage. What we can guarantee you is that Charlotte residential movers can give you the best advice on packing and storing your holiday decorations. And for that reason, we advise you to turn to professionals for advice and help at this time. In this text, we will reveal some tips on how to properly pack and store your decorations after the holidays or, for example, after moving from Monroe to Charlotte NC.

How to store your holiday treasures?

Holiday treasures are all that you used during the holidays, and that you only use during that period. If you have special tablecloths for the holiday table, as well as special cutlery, it all belongs to the group of holiday items and decorations.

Holiday ornaments
When you want to store your holiday treasures, you need to pack them in a proper way.

So, now it’s necessary to prepare, pack and store it until the next use. We have already said that such things are very sensitive and prone to damage even at the slightest blow. Therefore, it’s necessary to prepare, pack, and store them properly and find adequate packaging. We will single out a few tips on how you can store your holiday decorations.

  • Lanterns or ornaments. These can be very expensive and delicate decorations. Some are even made of porcelain or glass. So, they need secure packaging and protection. You need to get the right and safe packaging and pack it.
  • The lights. Christmas lights are several tens of meters long. The big challenge is to set them up, but also to pack them. So, most often we pack them in the original packaging, if you don’t have it you can improvise. But take care not to tangle them.
  • Holiday decorations. Decorations like Santa Claus, reindeer, and other larger decorations that usually stand outside in the yard, are the easiest to pack and store. All you have to do is wrap them in protective foil and you can immediately store them in one of the storage Charlotte NC. These are some of the safest storage units across the NC.

Find adequate packaging for holiday treasures

So, when using storage units, keep in mind that everything must be neatly packed. This means you have to pack all your holiday stuff. Tablecloths, dishes, decorative wreaths, you can pack in boxes and put on the shelves in your storage. Make sure you mark all the boxes and pack them properly. But first, you need to find adequate packaging. Packaging needs to be high quality and durable. You can get it from your chosen moving company or order from an online store such as Amazon and others. To pack holiday decorations you will need:

  • Plastic or cardboard boxes
  • Protective material
  • Adhesive tape
  • Markers
  • Plastic bags
The person who found the right packing box to store your holiday treasures
The packaging in which you pack your holiday decorations should be of high quality and durable.

Movers Monroe NC can meet you and help you do everything quickly and easily. When packing holiday decorations, you don’t need a lot of knowledge, but a little patience and will. The most important thing is to choose a suitable packaging so, that your treasure can be safely packed and stored until next year. Finding adequate packaging also plays a major role when it comes to moving from Monroe to Charlotte NC. Then you need to pack all the things from your home that you want to move. And for that, you will need professional help and quality packaging.

Pack your holiday treasures in a proper way for storing

Christmas trees, decorative wreaths, figurines are just another part of your holiday treasure that needs to be packed properly. So, once you have found adequate packaging you can start the packing process. To get started, remove all the decorations from your Christmas tree. Prepare the protective foil and the box and immediately wrap and pack the decorations one by one. Pack round ornaments and other ornaments of other shapes in a special box. Be sure to mark what is inside the box. When we speak of Christmas trees, then you will need foil and large boxes. Most Christmas trees have their original packaging, but if you don’t have one, improvise. Disassemble the Christmas tree, and gather it. Then wrap it in foil and pack it in a box that you will also glue. Write “Christmas tree” on the box.

You can use packing services Charlotte NC when moving as well as storage. By using these services, moving experts will do most of the work and make it much easier for you. So, when you find suitable storage units and pack all your holiday treasures, you can transport them to the storage. Organize the space in the storage and pack all the boxes neatly. We assume that there will be other things in the storage for other purposes, so, we suggest that you separate the separate storage for decoration so, that not everything gets mixed up.

Professional movers
Moving experts can help you when you want to move or when you want to store your things.

If you have any difficulties, ask moving experts for help

Local movers Charlotte NC can help you during your moving from Monroe to Charlotte NC, but also when you need to store your belongings. So, they can help you with packing, transporting to the storage, as well as bringing the boxes into your storage unit. Therefore, when you need to pack and store your holiday treasures, feel free to contact them. They can help you do everything right and safely. Ask them for advice about how to pack and choose the packaging.


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