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During your packing for relocation, you might think that storing some items will be useful. Especially if you don’t have enough space in your new home. And, first, you can think of is to store your clothes long-term. You might think that’s very easy. Just put it all in a box and putting it in the attic. However, you don’t want moth-eating, mouse inhabited, moldy clothes the next time you need them. That doesn’t sound great at all. Actually, it can be very simple. There are just a few usual mistakes that people make when storing clothes. And you need to be aware of them. You need some handy tips. That will help keep your clothes in excellent condition. We at moving companies in North Carolina know many tips for storing your clothes long term.

First, you should sort your clothes

Before you pack you need to think about your clothes. What will you do with them? Since the space is running out, clothes can get damaged. Also, it may happen that you can’t find anything you want. Hence it is time to take all your clothes and sort them.

Close-up of a row of jackets.
Sort and store your clothes long term

We suggest sorting them into four different categories. Those are: keep, repurpose, sell or store. Keep the things that you use regularly. And that you have enough space for. But if your items are no longer fit, consider repurposing them. You can do it by using the fabric to make (or sew) something new. For the belongings that you no longer, try to sell them. Particularly if they are still in good condition. You can sell them online. Or even donate them. However, the things that are valuable to you, you should store. Those are the ones that you still want to keep. But you don’t have room for them. Luckily, storage Charlotte NC can offer you great storage units.

Steps to storing your clothes long term

As soon as you sort out your clothes you should do the following. Fold and place back all the items you are keeping. Place them where they belong. You should toss away all the damaged items. And also, set aside the clothes that you plan to sell for later. For the thing that you want to store, you can do the following:

  • Clean them thoroughly
  • Make an inventory
  • Pack your clothes carefully

If you want additional tips, movers Matthews NC will gladly tell you.

Clean your clothes thoroughly

Your clothes may still have a couple of food stains on them. Or any other dirt that you didn’t get rid of. But these might damage your clothes in long term. Remember that stains will get worse over time. Especially when you pull it out of storage after a few months. Not to mention that if you have food stains. Or even crumbs in your pockets. Those may encourage pests to come and damage your clothes.

Be sure to pack your clothes at their freshest. It will improve their longevity. Hence, wash and dry all of your items for storage. Do it according to the individual label instruction. Rinse your clothes in order to prevent any chemical damage during storage. Also, remember that your clothes must be absolutely dry. That way you will prevent mold or mildew.

Woman putting clothes in a washing machine
Clean your clothes thoroughly

Make an inventory if you want to store your clothes long term

This is a great idea. If you make an inventory, you won’t feel frustrated. Especially when you are not sure what has been stored and what hasn’t. And it can save you money. For instance, you are storing baby clothes. Maybe in 2 or 3 years when the next baby comes along, you will need to start buying new things. This can happen because you simply forgot about all of the clothes you have in storage. That’s why it is good to make an inventory. Since it will also help you to manage your clothes later.

Pack your clothes carefully

You should store your clothes properly. The first thing to do is to pack them accordingly! And the best way to do this is to pack considerately and carefully. You should find out what supplies you’ll need to store them. You can always count on packing services in Charlotte NC to help you with packing. But of course, you can do this by yourself.

Many people think that vacuum seal bags are great for storing. Since they can save you space. But, they aren’t always the best options for long-term storage. Neither for storing delicate belongings. Vacuum bags can damage delicate fibers. And most textiles need some air circulating. In order to maintain the structure. And also prevent any moisture from getting trapped. This is the same situation for plastic bags when it comes to preventing moisture buildup.

Pile of jeans
Pack your clothes accordingly

The right material for storing your clothes long term

The best material you can use is lidded plastic containers. These are perfect for storing and protecting against any vermin. As well as keeping the moisture away from your clothes. And you can always take extra care. For instance, you can line the plastic storage boxes with old, clean cotton sheets. Afterward, you can use wooden cedar balls that work to repeal months. It will also keep your clothes smelling fresh. Most importantly, don’t just put all of your clothes into the box. Be patient and fold and pack gently. If you have any delicate items, you can purchase acid-free boxes. Also, use tissue paper. It is better than cotton to store long term.

Put your clothes into storage

Additionally, think about what storage unit provider is best for your specific needs when storing your clothes long term. When it comes to this you will need to consider storing them in the right conditions. Your clothes should be in a clean, cool, dark, and dry storage unit. You can also consider what storage units are accessible and secure. Be sure to prepare your items for storing before you even pack them.


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