Tips for dealing with fraudulent moving companies

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There’s little worse than getting scammed during a move. You can lose money, nerves, and even belongings. Luckily, there are things you can do to prevent getting scammed, and even some things you can do when you get scammed. Of course, hiring a tried and tested moving company, like Supreme Movers NC, is the only sure way to avoid all scams and frauds. However, even seemingly good companies sometimes scam their customers. Obviously, these movers are not true professionals, but they may seem like professionals to inexperienced clients. If you lack moving experience, dealing with fraudulent moving companies can be hard. That’s why it’s important to learn what to do in these situations. You can do a lot, but you have to know what to do and how to do it!

To know how to deal with fraudulent moving companies, you have to know what to expect from fraudulent moving companies

There are plenty of local and interstate moving companies North Carolina prides itself in. However, there are also plenty of horrible and unethical movers that scam their clients whichever chance they get. Unfortunately, these movers are very creative and crafty when it comes to scamming. Tactics like the hostage belongings, the no-show, and the escape artist, are just a few from the wide range of tactics companies like this use. These companies do anything from taking payments without providing services to actually stealing belongings. Even though it sounds scary, you should be aware of everything that can go wrong with fraudulent movers. That might help you avoid getting scammed.

A stressed woman holding her temples.
Dealing with fraudulent moving companies can be extremely stressful!

Your main priority when dealing with fraudulent moving companies should be scanning for red flags

Spotting the red flags early on is what will save you from getting scammed. However, it’s important to know what these red flags are to be able to spot them. And even though some scammers manage to seem legitimate, some red flags are easy to spot from miles away. Even if you don’t see any immediate red flags, it’s a good idea to dig a little deeper before actually hiring movers. Whether you got recommended packing services Charlotte NC residents seemingly love, or a storage facility, it’s always best to do your own research on top of recommendations.

Know the signs of a fraudulent moving company

But how can you do research or avoid movers if you don’t know what the telltale signs of scam movers are? That’s why we are here, to let you know what to be on the lookout for! Any fishy behavior is a red flag. You should get suspicious if the movers you’re looking into:

  • Don’t have a federal motor carrier number or a USDOT number
  • Ask you to sign a contract before giving an estimate
  • Refuse to do an in-home estimate
  • Have a fake-looking website
  • Avoid some of your questions or give vague answers
  • Ask for odd or personal information that a moving company usually doesn’t require
  • Don’t have a legitimate address or a phone number
  • Are extremely hard to reach
  • Seem unprofessional in their demeanor
  • Have plenty of overly positive fake reviews
  • Have negative reviews from legitimate customers
  • Ask for too little or too much money
A woman researching a moving company.
Doing thorough research can help you avoid becoming a victim of a moving scam!

One of the best ways to know if a moving company is legitimate is to look for these signs. Any odd behavior may be a coincidence, but it also may be a warning sign. That said, some of these are more serious than the rest. For example, while a company may offer a promotion that would reduce a price significantly, a completely normal occurrence even in a professional company, having no real address is almost always a dead giveaway of scammers. So when research and contacting movers, make sure to keep your eyes open for any red flags.

Deal with a fraudulent moving company the right way and avoid becoming a victim

If you spot red flags early on, you’ll be able to avoid becoming a victim of a moving scam. These businesses count on the ignorance of their clients to lure them into doing business with them. That, unfortunately, almost always ends badly for the client. Some manage to get their money and belongings back, but some also don’t.

But what should you do if you notice something fishy? Well, the best advice we can give you is to cease all business with the said company immediately! If you are not under the contract, start looking for different movers. However, if you are, it’s best to try getting out of it. And if you can’t, it’s better to pay what you must and look for different movers than losing even more. It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring movers or renting storage Charlotte NC has to offer. Making sure to do business with a legitimate business should be your top priority at all times!

What should I do if I get scammed?

If you get scammed, the only thing you can do is report the scam. Unless you’re James Bond or Batman, there isn’t much you’ll be able to do by yourself. You can also try reporting the story to the local media. Exposure may help the situation resolve faster. But know that dealing with a fraudulent moving company on your own isn’t advisable. You never know what they are capable of doing. The best thing you can do, if you get scammed, is to simply pick up your phone and call the police.

A woman calling the police since she knows that dealing with dealing with fraudulent moving companies on your own is not the best idea.
Calling the police is the first thing you should do after getting scammed!

Deal with a fraudulent moving company without having to deal with it!

Dealing with fraudulent moving companies is extremely frustrating. That’s why it’s best to avoid these companies altogether. However, even though doable, it can sometimes be hard to do so. Luckily, learning about telltale signs of frauds and scams will help you tremendously in detecting potential scammers. And even if you get into business with a fraudulent company, it’s still not the end of the world. If you do things correctly, the situation will hopefully resolve itself. Still, try to avoid fraudulent movers as best as you can. Who needs added stress while moving?


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