The list of packing supplies to obtain before the move

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Packing is an inseparable part of each moving project. In fact, moving is mostly about packing your belongings and transferring them to a different place. However, you’d like your items to make it safe and free of damages to your new location. So, packing itself is like a smaller project, within your moving endeavor. It can even determine the final outcome of your relocation. You’ll need to ensure your belongings are packed correctly to avoid mishaps during transport. Besides adequate packing techniques, you need to pay attention to the quality of the packing supplies you intend to use. Cardboard boxes and packing tape are just the thin edges of the wedge. You’ll need much more than that if you wish to ensure the proper protection of your valuables. As experts in the field, Supreme Movers NC has a comprehensive list of packing supplies that will come in handy.

The ultimate list of packing supplies you should get before moving

Moving requires thoughtful planning and organization. One of the tasks that you should give a high priority to is packing your belongings as neatly as you can. This will make the unpacking at your new place a lot easier. Charlotte commercial movers will help you cut downtime during your office move. And if you throw pro packing services in the mix, you’ll save a lot of valuable time. Regardless of whether you’re moving your office or household, quality packing supplies are vital for the well-being of your possessions.

A woman making a list
Quality packing supplies are vital for the optimal protection of your items during transfer

Here’s what you should consider purchasing:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Cushioning
  • Packing paper
  • Plastic or stretch wrap
  • Toolset
  • Plastic sandwich baggies
  • Markers
  • Utility knife

How can you make the packing process easier on yourself?

Packing your entire household or office inventory is never a simple task. Yet, you can opt for professional packing services Charlotte NC, and make the entire operation a lot easier. If you enlist seasoned packers, you can have peace of mind, as you’ll know that your items are handled safely and with the optimal protection for the journey.

Additionally, taking packing services will also save you time and money. Anyway, with our list of packing supplies, you are sure to be well-prepared with everything needed for a flawless transfer. Keep reading to find out more about what essentials should you purchase, and items that will be very useful for neat and well-organized packing.

Cardboard boxes and packing tape - list of packing supplies
Packing boxes come in a variety of sizes and are the very basic packing supply

The very basics of your list of packing supplies – boxes

Although you could go down the route with used boxes, this is not always a good idea. Used boxes tend to have less structural integrity than new ones. So, if you have the best interest of your belongings at heart, purchase new, sturdy cardboard boxes for packing them up. Packing boxes come in many sizes. When purchasing them, consider the following:

  • Small boxes are great for packing heavy items, such as books
  • Medium boxes with dividers are a safe option for packing crockery and other fragile items
  • Large boxes are best for large items with lightweights, such as pillows and blankets

You’ll use boxes for packing almost everything in. If you intend to take some storage services along with your moving package, you’ll need them too. Invest in good quality, and you’ll keep your belongings in their best shape.

 No list of packing supplies is complete without a quality packing tape

You’ll need packing tape to first build up your packing boxes, and then to seal them. This case in point is to say, you should purchase a lot of it. You might be tempted to save a dollar on a cheap packing tape, however, we advise against this. Cheap, or even standard tapes are thin, and they lack the sticking power. So, even if your packing boxes are extra quality, the packing tape can break the deal. Spend a few more dollars on quality, durable packing tape, for the best packing results. At your convenience, you can also invest in a tape gun, to dispense it quickly and prevent it from tangling.

Cushioning is indispensable packing material for the safety of your items

Everyone’s favorite bubble wrap is an excellent protection for fragile items, such as plates, glasses, etc. You can use it to wrap items that aren’t fragile as well, as you’ll eliminate the friction during transport this way. You can also use bubble wrap as cushioning to fill in empty places in boxes before sealing them.

Bubble wrap
Cushioning, such as bubble wrap is the staple content of any effective list of packing supplies

Large quantities of packing paper should be on your list of packing supplies

When you pack your items, especially kitchen content, you’d like to wrap everything neatly into packing paper, to prevent scratches. This is quite inexpensive, so consider purchasing lots of it, as you’ll definitely need it. If you wonder what could you do with the pile of packing supplies after unpacking, later on, talk to your mover about junk removal services they might be able to help you with. Withal, avoid using newspapers or other paper that contains ink. This can easily transfer on your items and stain them. Stick to packing paper and put it towards the top of your list of packing supplies.

Plastic or stretch wrap is practical and versatile

A sturdy plastic wrap is very helpful to keep small items in one place. Just wrap it around the stack of items you’ll form, and prevent them from scattering while transported. You can also use it to keep drawers and cabinet doors safely closed. There are many other versatile practical applications of stretch wrap when you move. Use it as an extra protective layer on wooden furniture to prevent scratches. Or, if you’re transferring bottles and other liquids, use the plastic wrap to prevent possible uncontrolled spillage of the content.

Have a toolset handy

When you move, you’ll likely have pieces of furniture that need disassembling. While your mover might be able to do this for you, it’s good to have a toolset on hand, just in case. A screwdriver and a wrench will also come in handy at your new place if you need to do the reassembling yourself.

A toolset
Have a toolset handy for easy disassembly and reassembly of your furniture

Plastic sandwich baggies are a great enhancement of your list of packing supplies

These are fantastic solutions for packing tiny items that can easily get misplaced. You can place the screws and bolts from the disassembled furniture in them. If you have gallon-sized plastic baggies, they are ideal for packing up your cables and keeping them organized with proper labeling.

Permanent markers for labeling boxes

If you pack well, unpacking will be a cinch. Hence, make a point to organize your belongings while packing them, and label the boxes accordingly with a permanent marker. You’ll later thank yourself for doing this, as you won’t have to dig in boxes, searching for that particular something.

Utility knife or a box cutter to make the opening of boxes easy

With a utility knife, unpacking will be a breeze. All you need to do is cut the packing tape on a box, and your unpacking at your new place can begin.

In summary, this is our comprehensive list of packing supplies you should obtain before the move. Talk to your mover and see how can they help you obtain these, and save you plenty of time. Follow our list and you’ll have everything you need for effective packing and a successful and smooth move.


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