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Changing your place of residence is surely a complex and demanding process. When you add packing Christmas decorations as another moving task, it does not get any simpler. However, the good thing is that everything is possible if you make a detailed plan and you stick to it. We are going to provide you with some useful pieces of advice on the matter and you are going to complete this task before you know it. Of course, you are going to pack Christmas decorations without damaging a single item.

When you pack Christmas decorations, get rid of the items you will not be using

Christmas decorations are usually quite fragile. Of course, they bring a lot of joy and this is the main reason why we bring them to our homes. However, damages can easily happen. Even if they are in a box and we are moving the box around, the ornaments can break.

Christmas decorations
Before you pack Christmas decorations, make sure you check their condition and throw away the damaged items

So, when you pack Christmas decorations, you should first go through all of the items. If you see that some of them have damages, feel free to get rid of them. By doing this, you will lower the chances of damaging other ornaments and there will be fewer boxes for you to relocate. Charlotte residential movers are going to do their best to help your ornaments reach their new home in perfect condition.

Use smaller boxes for more delicate ornaments

Considering the fact that a great majority of ornaments is made of glass and ceramics, you and your movers should take great care of them. Namely, what you should do in a situation of this kind is to use smaller boxes. So, before you put a single ornament in a box, make sure you wrap it. You can use either packing paper or some soft fabric. It is also important that there is no empty space when you tape the box. Otherwise, the ornaments will move around the box and they can get easily damaged. Also, remember to label the boxes clearly. The most reliable movers Cornelius NC has to offer are going to take great care of them, they should just know where to put those boxes in order to avoid any kind of damage.

Pay special attention to your Christmas lights

People usually spend quite a lot of time untangling Christmas lights when they are decorating a Christmas tree. You have probably been in the same situation. Since you are now relocating, the situation can easily become worse. For example, the lights can get even more tangled or they can get damaged.

So, what you should do in order to prevent this from happening is to wrap them around a can, for example. This is quite useful because you will not have a hard time taking them off once you start decorating your home. Also, you can fill the cans with ornaments that are not easily damaged. As you can see, this method has several good sides. In case you would like to store some of your Christmas decorations, the safest storage Charlotte NC offers is at your disposal.

Christmas lights
Take some time to properly pack Christmas lights – you will thank yourself later

Be very careful when choosing packing supplies

If you pay special attention to how you are packing the decorations, it will not be of great help in case the packing supplies you use are not of great quality. First of all, if you use cardboard boxes, make sure they are sturdy. If they are used or soft, you should not consider using them.

On the other hand, plastic boxes are also a good choice. They are firm enough and you will know that your decorations are going to be safe. Plus, even if these boxes get in touch with liquids, your decorations will not. So, think about this in advance and get everything you need before you start packing. Should you need some help, you can always count on the highest quality moving services Charlotte NC can offer.

Be very attentive when labeling moving boxes

This is equally important as carefully packing your Christmas decorations. Namely, when you start packing your decorations, make sure you properly label each box after taping it. It will not be too much even if you label each side of the box. In addition to writing the content of the box, make sure you add ‘fragile’. In this way, your movers from one of the most reputable moving companies in North Carolina will know how to handle the boxes. They will know that they should put these boxes in the moving truck last.

Of course, your team of movers is going to handle these boxes with great care. When they unload the moving truck, they are going to put each box in the room where it should be unpacked.

Cardboard boxes
Label your boxes properly and your movers will know how to handle boxes with fragile items- your decorations will reach your new home in perfect condition

Since they will put boxes with decorations last, they are going to unload them first. So, put them in a place where they are not going to be in the way and your decorations will be safe.

In order to pack Christmas decorations properly, you should pay attention to several things. We have listed the most important ones and you are now familiar with them. What is also important is to make a moving checklist. Even though you will have a great number of tasks to complete, you will not forget about a single one. If it happens that you have many personal tasks to complete, your movers are going to help you. Feel free to count on them to complete some of the moving tasks on your behalf. You can be sure that they are going to do their job professionally and thoroughly.


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