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Moving is hectic. And once it’s done, you may feel a sense of relief. However, now you’ll have to deal with the aftermath of it – unpacking. Finding yourself in an unfamiliar place that you’ll be calling home from now on and surrounded by boxes is certainly uncomfortable. Anyway, this doesn’t mean that you need to rush and unpack all at once. Remember that now you don’t have a deadline, so you can take it one step at a time. Some people enjoy unpacking and setting up their new home. Others see it as sheer labor. To whichever camp you belong to, read on, as Supreme Movers NC has some great tips, to help you unpack efficiently after moving.

Follow the golden rule to unpack efficiently after moving

Surely, no one wants to live in a fortress of moving boxes. But this doesn’t mean that you need to unpack in a couple of days and forget about celebrating your moving in. Interstate moving companies North Carolina advise you to follow the golden rule when it comes to unpacking. This is to say, unpack room by room.

A family moving in their new home
Unpack one step at a time and follow the golden rule for best results

Before you start with the task, make a point to unpack with a system. This will make your job a lot easier, and more enjoyable. Ideally, you’ll have your boxes labeled, and a copy of your inventory list. This way, you’ll know what exactly are you taking out and where it needs to be placed. To unpack efficiently after moving doesn’t mean that you need to do it all at once. Instead of setting overly ambitious goals, that will ultimately leave you feeling exhausted and drained, consider your steps in advance.

  • Deal with the furniture first
  • Start with the essentials
  • Do the kitchen first
  • Proceed with the bedroom
  • The bathrooms

A foolproof floor plan is a great idea for easy unpacking

It’s always the big-ticket items that cause the most concern during a move. To make it easy on yourself, packing services Charlotte NC experts suggest you drow up a floorplan before you move into your new home. This will help you know the layout of your furniture in advance, and arranging it will be pretty much uncomplicated. You can do it all at once, and consider if you need to do any rearrangements.

If you take care of the furniture and appliances first, you’ll be able to unpack efficiently after moving. It’s far more complicated to move large pieces of furniture around the house, once you’ve set up the rest of your items. With a bit of planning ahead, you’ll have your way clear of any obstructions, and successfully arrange the layout of your furniture.

A living room with bulky furniture - unpack efficiently after moving
A floorplan will help you unpack efficiently after moving into your new home

Open your essentials box first

Once you’ve covered the furniture arranging and assembling, it’s time to start the unpacking party itself. The first thing comes first, and this means that you need to take out the essentials first. If you’ve prepared well for the move, most likely you’ve packed an essential or open-first box. This will contain items that you need to keep your home running for a couple of days.

Things like medication, toiletries, and some basic items for everyday use are the first things you need unpacked. It’s a good practice to consider in advance what will you do with all the unpacking debris that will inevitably come about. You may book junk removal services to effectively deal with the task, and keep your new home free of clutter from the very beginning.

To unpack efficiently after moving, do the kitchen first

There’s a debate among professionals on what area of the house should be unpacked first. An objective answer would be to consider your immediate needs. For instance, if you move in the evening, you should do your bedroom first.

However, the majority agree that the kitchen is the first area that should be unpacked if you’re following the golden rule. This is simply because it has the largest number of items in the entire household. So far, presumably, you’ll have the large appliances, such as fridge and cooker set up. What you should do next is hook up the smaller gadgets, like a coffee maker and toaster. After this, line up the cabinets with pot, pans, and crockery, and take out the tableware. This should be easy if you have your boxes labeled. And in no time, you’ll have your kitchen fully functional.

A kitchen
The kitchen is the heart of any home, so consider unpacking it among the first areas

The bedroom is next in line for unpacking

The most important thing you should have put first in your bedroom is your bed. So, once your bed frame is assembled, the rest will be much easier. Ideally, your new bedroom fixtures, like shelves will be installed before you proceed with the unpacking. This way you’ll be able to organize your things more productively. All you need to do now is dress the bed, and take out your seasonal clothes. If you have plenty of time to dedicate to unpacking, take out the decor items, like lamps and so. However, to unpack efficiently after moving, prioritize taking out the essential items first. Unpacking doesn’t have to be a quick race, and you can do it at your own pace.

Next, set up the bathrooms

The fixtures in your new bathroom should already be functional when you move in. This and running water is an essential need even in the first days of your moving in. So, you can unpack a few towels, a hairdryer, shower curtains, body care products, and anything that you need to relax after the long moving day. With this being done, you’ll be able to unpack efficiently after moving your entire household, and it won’t even feel like an annoying chore.

In conclusion, if you follow the above tips you’ll be able to set up your new household in a relatively short time. Most importantly, you’ll avoid feeling overwhelmed and frustrated from any potential mess and procrastination. Hence, let your immediate needs guide you, follow the golden rule, and you’ll unpack efficiently after moving. Meanwhile, allow yourself to enjoy and explore the functional capacities of your new home as well. We wish you lots of good luck in your new home.


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