How to tell your kids you are moving?

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As a grown-up, you’re aware that moving is a stressful event. Like everything in life, the positive intertwines with certain negative aspects. Along this line, moving means uprooting your life. It means leaving the familiar things and people behind, for a new, possibly unfamiliar place. Even a fully-fledged person has to deal with uneasy emotions in the event of moving. But, how about children? At their tender age, the news about moving is scary. It means leaving their friends and the safe haven they know as home behind. Hence, you’ll need to come up with an informed strategy on how to tell your kids you are moving. With the following tips shared by expert moving companies in North Carolina, you’ll be able to accomplish that mission successfully. Read on and find out what does it takes to save your child’s world from collapsing when moving. 

Plan the logistics and tell your kids you are moving early 

Time is an important factor for every aspect of your move. Timely preparation will reflect on the success of your relocation project itself. Thus, book your Charlotte residential movers as soon as you know you’ll be moving. With a bunch of things on your to-do list, you’ll have to talk to your kids and let them know about the upcoming event.

A family gathering in the kitchen
A casual family get-together at home is the ideal setting to break the news and tell your kids you are moving

First and foremost, it’s necessary to do this early on, and allow them enough time to process the big news. The first question you’ll likely get is – when did you decide this? Let them know they are the first to hear about it. With this, you’re off to a good start on your important mission to tell your children about the move. It will make them feel included, and give them the sense that they matter. 

Be upfront about the move, and let them know the decision is final 

When you’re breaking the news about the move, set up a spontaneous family get-together. Call everyone to join you in the kitchen, or the living room. You should allow your kids to express their emotions freely, and the family home is the best setting for this. Use appropriate language your kids can understand.

Also, be aware that children perceive emotions very well. Speak clearly, firmly, and avoid wavering while sharing the news, as this will give way to your children’s worries and uncertainties. Stay firm and lead the way with confidence. Let them know you have dependable, pro local movers NC by your side, and the move itself will be an untroubled experience. Take note of these bullet points, to tell your kids you are moving in an effective way, that won’t cause them anxiety. 

A father with his three kids - tell your kids you are moving
Speak in a clear, direct, and confident manner, to reassure your kids that you’ve made the right decision on the move

Remain open to answer any questions 

Announcing your children you’ll be moving is difficult for most parents, especially if you know they’re happily settled in your current home and environment. This is what leads many people to postpone the conversation and avoid hard feelings. But, we’ve already mentioned the importance of sharing the news with your kids early on.

So, stick to this, as it’s the best way to prepare them for the new realities. Allow them to get upset and run into their rooms. Let them cry and vent out negative emotions. It’s part of the process, and you should be prepared to deal with it in the right way. Above all, let your kids ask millions of questions, and give them age-appropriate answers. Outline the possibilities of the move, listen to your children and talk to them. They’ll eventually start adapting and accept the upcoming move if they perceive it as a positive experience. 

Involve your kids in the moving preparations 

It’s a good practice to start preparing for your move by decluttering your current home. This makes the sorting of your belongings easy, and you should consider organizing this action at least a month or two before the actual move. Enlist pro junk removal Charlotte company, for an efficient and hassle-free project.

You can use some spare time to dedicate it to your kids, and bond over organizing your household items together. Listen to their opinions on what should you move with you, and what to leave behind. Instead of disagreeing with their choices, ask them follow-up questions and see if they reason the flows themselves. This is a great way to develop their problem-solving and decision-making skills too. Allow them to choose a keepsake to take to your new home. 

Once you tell your kids you are moving, be available to reassure them 

If you implement the above tips, surely your kids will accept the upcoming move in a matter of time. Make a point to turn the upcoming relocation into a positive experience for them. Give it a flavor of adventure. Show your children pictures of your new place, and team up to research and learn together about the different lifestyles, places of interest, and fun activities that await you.

Give them something to look forward to, and always remind them that you’re a team. Reassure them that for any difficulties they may encounter in their new environment you’ll be there, and you’re in this together. When you tell your kids about the relocation, it’s of vital importance to show them they have your support to lean on. 

A happy family of four
Keep the team spirit in your family alive, and reassure your kids you’re here to provide them the necessary support

Bonus tips for parents 

Without any doubt, moving is a big change for your kids. It’s certainly in your hands to steer the wheel in the right direction, and protect your kids from pains and moving-related blues. But you shouldn’t forget about your well-being either. Here’s something for your reassurance as a parent.

So many people are worried about raising third culture kids. Although you may find a mixed bag of opinions on the subject, a fact remains that TCKs grow up into individuals with many strengths. Higher levels of maturity, adaptability, resilience, and overall well-being are noted among people who have grown up in culturally diverse environments. If the thought of raising your kids with different roots in a new place gives you somewhat of cold feet, remember this. 

A summary of how to break the relocation news to your kids 

The above are our best tips on how to tell your kids you are moving. So, take a note, and you’ll surely manage the task in the best way possible. In conclusion, here’s a concise list of the steps we’ve discussed above: 

  • Tell your kids you are moving well ahead of time.
  • Be confident and unwavering when you break the news on moving.
  • Allow your kids to express their emotions, and be open to answering their questions.
  • Involve your children in the organization of your move, so they feel they matter.
  • Actively listen and talk to your kids, to reassure them they have the necessary support. 


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