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Preparing for the move takes a lot of time, energy, and skills. It can be really demanding, especially when you need to pack fragile items. You can make it easier for yourself and let the Supreme Movers NC team help you with packing. If you want to do it alone, then you should be careful. To avoid your fragile items from getting damaged you should use the right materials and implement the proper packing techniques.

Gather the right supplies to pack fragile items

In order to protect your delicate belongings, you will need the right packing materials. It should include:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble bags are a must when you need to pack fragile items
  • Packing tape
  • Towels
  • Permanent marker

It’s especially helpful to use boxes that are pre-divided for the specific dimensions of certain products, such as dishes or glassware. These smaller compartments help to limit the movement of breakable items and prevent damage. If you have saved original boxes it would be the best but if not you can find another solution. Packing up the valuable crystal, porcelain, and other breakables requires some time. So, do not rush. After you have found your packing material and set up the pacing station, you should start packing. But first, you need to prepare each box. Inspect them thoroughly. In case you are not sure you will be able to do the packing yourself you should hire professionals for packing services. They will do it efficiently and quickly.

bubble wrap to pack fragile items with
Wrap each item with a bubble bag and secure it with packing tape.

How to pack fragile items

When you have the appropriate packing materials you can start packing. Make sure you treat each item with care. Before you start, secure the bottom of your box by taping all open seams and corners. You can build a cushion base by lining the inside of the box with bubble bags or packing peanuts. Start with the heaviest items on the bottom and the lightest at the top.


You should pack plates vertically in small to medium boxes lined with crumpled packing paper on the bottom and top. Wrap each plate in a bubble bag and then secure it with tape. Place paper in between the standing plates. Make sure you do not overpack the box whatever you are packing.


When packing glasses make sure you pack each glass individually with packing paper and place crumpled paper inside the large pieces to diminish empty space. Line small or medium boxes with ample packing paper, top, and bottom. If there is some free space around glasses you can fill them with paper as well. This is the best way to reduce as much as possible the chance of the items moving inside the box. Place the heaviest items on the bottom of the box, with lighter pieces on top.

a toy bear in the box
Unlike soft items, you will be needing a lot of bubble wrap to pack your valuable and fragile items.

Pictures, frames, mirrors

To pack the frames and mirrors it would be good to have their original boxes. Picture frames should be placed in paper-lined small to medium boxes, fill them with crumpled paper in between each piece. Wrap frames in packing paper you can also use bubble bags. Top frames should be wrapped with more packing paper to ensure items don’t move around in the box. When moving paintings and pictures that are over 3 feet in size, they should be secured with moving blankets and plastic bags. In case you have too many of these items and you won’t be needing all of them in your home, you can store them. Trustworthy movers will provide you with storage units. Make sure they are clean, well-secured, and climate-controlled.


Packing flat-screen TVs can be tricky. Start by removing any cables and accessories, stand legs, etc. Make sure to pack those items in a clearly labeled box to prevent them from losing. Wrap the screen in a soft moving blanket, and secure it all around the device with packing tape. Then you can place a TV inside the box, and close it with tape. Make sure that the box is the correct size for your TV. If it is not, fill the empty space with paper, or bubble bags.

‍When moving it’s important to consider the shape and size of the piece, as well as any handles or other pieces that could break easily. Wrap the piece completely in a bubble bag and secure it with tape. Wrap the entire piece with tape if necessary. Many people use old towels, small blankets, newsprint, or even paper towels to wrap their fragile items. These are not wise choices. Newsprint can be dirty and you can end up even more washing to do in your new home.

Paper towels are not strong or reliable. Old towels slip easily and cannot be secured with tape, which is essential for proper packing of valuables. Invest in the proper tools and you won’t be sorry. Do not forget to label all the boxes. Finally, be sure to let your local movers know which boxes contain fragile items. Most moving companies carry specialized boxes for fragile items, such as dish packs and mirror or picture frame packs.

a box labeled "books"
Don’t forget to label each box with fragile content inside.

Hire reliable movers and packers to help you pack fragile items

The best way to prepare your fragile items for the move is to find reliable movers. They are skilled and well equipped with appropriate packing materials. You can let them do it for you and also they can provide you with insurance. If anything happens to your items the insurance will cover them.

Moving is stressful, especially when you have to pack fragile items. You just need to gather enough packing supplies that will be useful in preventing damage to your valuable and fragile pieces. Do not rush, take your time and pack each item carefully. And, do not forget to label all the boxes with fragile content inside.


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