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Decided to move from Mathews NC? Packed everything, and the only thing left is your bedroom? Great. A bedroom is the last room to pack, and it’s one of the easiest. Wonder how to pack up your bedroom successfully? Well, you’re in the right place. Moving companies in North Carolina prepared an article on how to pack a bedroom for a move. Use it as a guide and pack up the master room efficiently. Stay tuned.

Steps to take when you have to pack a bedroom for a move

When packing a bedroom, it’s difficult to decide where to start packing from since you’ll need your bedroom until the moving day. So it’s essential to make a packing plan so you can use the bedroom but still pack on time.

A couple packing for the move
Make a plan to pack a bedroom before a move

Here’s our recommendation:

  • Create an inventory list: The list of your belongings will help you sort things out, declutter, and pack systematically.
  • Pack the essentials bag: Pack up your necessities, such as toiletries, beddings, clothes, electronic devices, etc., for the first days after the relocation.
  • Start from the closest: Pack your clothes first and only leave those you’ll need until the moving day and the first days after the move.
  • Pack decorative items: Pack lamps, pictures, and frames. This way, you’ll clean the room and leave the bulky things only.
  • Disassemble the furniture: After packing clothes and decorative items, disassemble the wardrobe, chests of drawers, and shelves.
  • Pack the mattress: Wrap up your mattress with foam bags or bubble wrap to secure it from getting dirty and torn.
  • Disassemble the bed: A bed is the last item to pack. Dismantle the bed carefully and secure its parts from scratch.

If you need help with packing, use packing services Charlotte NC. With professional assistance, you’ll be able to pack systematically and efficiently.

How to pack up your closet?

At first, it may seem to you that clothes are easiest to pack, but their packing may be tricky. Clothes are usually bulky and occupy too much space. So, to avoid having large boxes in your moving truck, use the following tips:

  • Use your suitcases: Instead of packing your clothes in large boxes, utilize the space in your suitcases and bags.
  • Pack your clothes in drawers: Take the drawers out of dressers and use the space. Instead of taking everything out of the drawers, leave things in there and wrap the entire drawer in plastic wrap.
  • Leave your clothes on hangers: This is another way to save space. Use garment bags for coats and jackets, or leave the clothes on hangers and pack them in a garbage bag, leaving the hanger hook out of it.
A couple packing a suitcase
Use your suitcases and bags to pack up your clothes

How to pack your mattress?

Mattresses require special attention when packing. The best way to pack your mattress is to use a mattress storage bag. Before packing it, remove all the sheets, clean it with a vacuum cleaner and detergent and dry it well. It is essential, especially if you need to store a mattress before the move. Next, be careful when loading the mattress in a moving truck. Leave it upright, sideways, or flat. Do the same in the storage. And, if you need a place to store it, you can use storage Charlotte NC.

Pack a bedroom for a move with the help of professionals

If you want to pack a bedroom for a move successfully without any stress, use professional help. Movers Mathews NC can assist you or do the whole packing task. They’ll provide you with the necessary packing supplies, disassemble the furniture, and pack all your belongings fast. Also, they’ll load your belongings in a moving truck efficiently. With their help, your relocation will be safe and smooth.


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