How to move plants to a new home in Cornelius NC

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If you are a fan of flowers and other plants, and you have also decided to move, then this topic will greatly interest you. You have spent a lot of time growing plants, and you have invested a lot of time, effort, and money in them. But now you will certainly not let them wither and perish. That’s why we wrote this text just for you. We will reveal to you how to move plants to a new home, while still remaining undamaged. The help of movers Cornelius NC can really be of great help to you. They have probably already encountered situations like this and will certainly be able to give you useful advice on moving your plants. But if you want to take care of them in the right way, take a look at some of our tips. Trust us, it will be very useful to you.

Organize new home in Cornelius

One of the first things you need to do is organize your new home. If your plants require a certain space and special care. So, start by organizing the space in which you will place your plants. Choose a spacious and well-lit place where sunlight is easily accessible but also that fresh air can circulate. Plants love light, so, it’s best to find a place near a light source. For example, next to the window, on the terrace, or maybe in the yard, you have a special botanical glasshouse for your plants.

Flower pots on the shelf.
Organize a new home and find the ideal place for your plants.

If you are unable to organize your home before your moving day, do so immediately before arriving at your new home. Charlotte residential movers can help you to unload your moving boxes from a moving truck. Weather permitting, your plants can spend some time outdoors. And in the meantime, you can find them a suitable place in your new home. Arrange the premises and provide suitable places that meet all the conditions needed by your plants. Also, during the process of organizing your home, make sure they are regularly hydrated and not directly exposed to sunlight and cold.

Move plants to a new home step by step

Plants require a little different attention than other things in your house. That is why the process of their moving is a little different. So, like all things, they need to be prepared. But we prepare them depending on the distance of your new home, the duration of the ride, as well as the weather conditions. You can still visit some of the botanical centers and ask for advice. Because that way you will be sure that you are doing the right thing.

Plants by the window.
Try to provide all the conditions necessary for plants to survive transport more easily.

There are a few things you need to do when you want to move your plants:

  • Prepare plants for moving. If you are moving potted plants, make sure they are comfortable. This means if you think the pots are too small, transplant them into a larger one. Also, remove the plants from the yard from the ground and wrap the roots in a plastic bag that you put wet soil. This solution is not long-term.
  • Find the right packaging. Smaller potted plants can be packed in a wooden box but without closing. Plants need light and air. You can move those large plants without packaging, but you can also protect them with foil from damage. But be careful.
  • Provide them with a safe place in the vehicle. This is very important because the pot in transport can tip over and the plant can be destroyed. So, make sure you transport them safely. Stack large pots among other boxes to prevent them from walking left to right.
  • Pack water for the trip. Water them before departure, but be sure to check them during the trip. Especially if the weather is hot outside. Make sure the soil is moist and well hydrated.

How to move plants carefully?

When you decide to move your plants, we advise you to use moving services Charlotte NC. The services that moving companies can provide you can be useful even in such moments. It’s best to consult with professionals first. Therefore, seek professional advice. When you want to move your plants, you can do so by first preparing them for moving. As we said that you need to provide them with water, a safe place in the vehicle, and safe packaging. With the help of professionals, do their packing and loading and ask them to be more careful during transport.

Professional mover holding a plant
Professional movers can be your best help when you move plants to a new home.

You can move the plants with you in the car if you have the space. And if you think it will be safer that way. Also, they need to be well prepared for relocation and protected from soil spillage. But also from damage. That is why it’s best to look for adequate packaging from moving companies in North Carolina. And listen to their advice. Keep in mind that you may not be able to move all the plants with you, so try to make a choice. Those that are very sensitive are better left or given to someone. Don’t risk damage or drying out.

Ask professional for help when moving your plants

When we talk about moving company services and the help of professional movers, we have to tell you that you can also use storage Charlotte NC. You may not be able to store your plants, but you can temporarily store some other things, such as gardening items that you need to maintain your garden. You need professional help during the whole moving process, not only when you move plants to a new home. But it’s also very helpful at that moment.


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