How to make your home appear bigger after moving from Charlotte to Mooresville

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A favorite part of moving all people is arranging a new living space. There are thousands of ways and tips for arranging and decorating your home. But we will reveal to you some very useful tips on how to make your home appear bigger. Especially if it’s a small living space, you will surely want it to look bigger and more spacious. After moving from Charlotte to Mooresville, with one of the moving companies Charlotte NC, you are certainly not too tired, because you had the constant help of professionals. So you can immediately move on to the action of arranging your new home. Below you will be able to see the tips, tricks, and suggestions we have prepared for you. Which we are sure will be of great help to you. So, keep reading and avoid losing money by paying interior designers.

Get a tour of your new home after moving from Charlotte to Mooresville

You have finally completed your move from Charlotte to Mooresville. Charlotte residential movers have helped you with unloading all your stuff, and now is the time to dedicate yourself to a more interesting job, but maybe even harder than moving.

Decorating a home is one of the most interesting jobs for all those who have just moved to a new home. A large number of people decide to hire well-known interior designers, especially when it comes to small housing units. But it also comes at a high cost. So take a look at our few tips that are guaranteed to be of great help, before you hire Supreme Movers NC to move you elsewhere.

An interior design plan to make your home appear bigger
A room plan can help you with arranging your new living space.

For starters, you can start with a mini-tour of your new home. Don’t forget to bring a pen and notebook with you. Look and measure all the rooms. This way you will get an idea of ​​the size of the space you have available. The next thing you need to do is check all the electrical installations, water pipes, floors, windows, doors, and ventilation. This item isn’t part of the interior design, but one of the security checks. Because things like this are harder to fix after arranging the space. Once you have measured all the rooms in your new home, you can start making a plan. Measuring and making a plan of all the spaces will help you put your idea of ​​visually enlarging the space into practice.

How to make your home appear bigger?

Maximum use of space this time will not be helpful. Because then your space will seem overcrowded and less than it actually is. Maximum utilization is useful in some other situations, but to make your home look bigger, details need to be kept to a minimum. Also, ask your movers Mooresville NC to pack all your moving boxes in one special room in your new home, so, you can avoid the crowds and be able to arrange the rooms smoothly. The garage can serve as temporary storage.

Here are some tips to give you an idea of ​​decorating your home to make it look bigger:

  • Paint the walls of your home in light pastel colors. White color is the best choice for this kind of work.
  • Choose clear, simple, and practical pieces of furniture. A large sofa, lighter in color can be a good piece of furniture.
  • Avoid carpets. They can hide a large floor area and create a feeling of overcrowding in your room.
  • Play with 3D wallpaper. You can get one of the 3D wallpapers, which depicts a space such as a terrace or a yard. That wall can give the impression that you are in a large room.
  • Mirrors. In the bathroom, hallway, and bedroom you can place large mirrors, which can further increase your space.
  • Avoid large details. Large flower pots, statues, and useless furniture can only take up space and make the space smaller.
A couple painting the walls
Turn your rooms into a light color, this is one of the ways to make your home appear bigger.

Make a plan for arranging your new home

If you decide to make a plan for arranging your new home, the measures you have taken when visiting your house will be of great benefit to you. You can use one of the internet applications for interior design, but you can also do it manually, on paper. With a little imagination and will. On paper, you can illustrate your home, room by room. Transfer your dimensions to paper and express them in centimeters. Mark doors and windows, and play with free space. If you already have your furniture, you can make a new layout and draw it on the drawing. If you have decided to buy new furniture, play with your imagination.

Keep details to a minimum

When it comes to a small space, which we want to look bigger, more spacious, and comfortable, we need to keep the details to a minimum. What plays a major role in visually enlarging a space are the colors. Therefore, choose light colors, pastel tones. As we have already said white would be an ideal choice, but if you are not a fan of white better, you can use colors like baby pink, sky blue, light green, and others. You can always play with your imagination.

living room
Too much detail can create a crowd, so keep the details to a minimum.

For example, the room in which you would like to place your billiards should be better lit, with strong lighting. After you prepare the room, ask your pool table movers Charlotte NC to unload your billiards and reassemble them. The rooms in which you will place bulky things need to be free of large and intrusive details. So, just a billiards table, a stick stand, and a bar stool for rest. When you want to make your home appear bigger be careful with the arrangement. Do not overcrowd the premises. It may seem empty to you, but believe us, it will look bigger and more spacious. You can use finer details for decoration in at most one color.


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