How to avoid injuries during relocation

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When you start packing your home for relocation, sooner or later you will come to the point that you have to protect yourself from getting hurt. Mostly it happens when you have to lift heavy items. So you do really need to be careful. But don’t worry, one of the top moving companies in North Carolina is here to explain how to avoid injuries during relocation. Let’s start!

Is there a way to avoid injuries during relocation?

If you want to 100% avoid injuries during relocation, the best thing is to call professional movers. That is when you are let’s say, moving from Concord you will surely need help from movers Concord NC. Now let’s see how do you pack heavy items when you move to another home.

movers carrying a couch to help people avoid injuries during relocation
If you want to 100% avoid injuries during relocation, the best thing is to call professional movers.

Packing heavy items for moving can seem daunting and challenging at first, but you can master the job quite easily. You can do so by getting quality packing supplies. Secure your valuables, protect your property from damage, and most importantly – eliminate any chances of getting injuries when carrying heavy items due to improper packaging techniques.

It is important to have proper packaging

You will definitely need the right packaging materials. But if you want to additionally avoid injuries during your move, consider hiring packing services Charlotte NC. Of course, think about the boxes too. The packing boxes that you will use to pack heavy items must be made of durable cardboard so that they can withstand the extra weight. Purchasing a solid cardboard box with multiple layers is always a good idea. When packing heavy fragile items, you can even buy plastic or wooden crates for added security.

Use quality wrapping materials

Your heavy household items will need to be well protected during relocation. Use multiple sheets of bubble wrap foil or thicker fabric that serve as cushions in the event of an accidental impact or fall. White wrapping paper can be very useful when wrapping small pieces of any heavy furniture. It is primarily used as the first layer of protection before using bubble wrap or furniture covers.

a cardboard box
Purchasing a solid cardboard box with multiple layers is always a good idea.

How to prepare boxes for moving

Most of the small but heavy items you own – canned goods from the kitchen, books, etc. – will go into boxes. Therefore, you have to be sure that the cardboard boxes that you will use to transport heavy items are ready to bear the weight. Here are some guidelines:

  • Choose packaging boxes that are strong and have no visible signs of damage. This is especially important for used cardboard boxes.
  • Use mostly small boxes when packing heavy things to carry. Remember the packaging rule that small boxes are designed to hold heavy items while large boxes are better suited for lighter items.
  • Use strong packing tape to reinforce the bottom of each cardboard box you want to use to pack heavy items. You would not want the boxes to be opened and the contents spilled during carrying
  • For added safety, place crumpled paper or pieces of bubble wrap on the bottom of each box.

How to safely pack heavy furniture

When it comes to packing furniture, the essence is in disassembling different parts of the furniture so that they can be packed and transported easier and safer. Disassemble beds, cabinets, chests of drawers, bookshelves into parts, if possible – check their installation manuals if you need them or ask for help from professional Charlotte residential movers. Remove the drawers to make the parts lighter, then remove the doors or panels (especially the glass ones). Cover all the remaining pieces of furniture with protective covers, and then tape them with duct tape to keep them wrapped. Do not allow any packing tape to come in contact with the surface of your furniture to avoid stains.

How to pack white goods

  • Large heavy appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, and stoves can be quite inconvenient to pack and carry.
  • Make sure heavy devices are empty. Defrost the refrigerator or freezer at least 12 hours before moving.
  • Remove all elements from the kitchen appliances that can be safely removed – shelves, drawers, etc., and then wrap the separate parts separately in wrapping paper and cover them with foil-foil (if necessary).
  • Use stretch film to secure the doors of heavy devices and prevent them from opening during wearing.
  • Wrap heavy appliances completely in thick furniture covers.

Here are some solutions to simplify the process of packing

Consider using special wardrobe boxes in which you can hang heavy winter clothes. This is also a great option to keep your clothes perfectly protected (no dust and no creasing) during carrying, especially if those clothes are expensive.

a girl with a duct tape
Do not allow any packing tape to come in contact with the surface of your furniture to avoid stains.

Pack your heavy clothes in suitcases with wheels, if you don’t want to pay extra for wardrobe boxes. That way, no matter how heavy the pieces of clothing are, you won’t have a problem pulling them out of your home and putting them in a moving van. Consider packing some of your heavy suits in a vacuum bag to save extra storage space in the moving vehicle. No matter if you are moving locally or long-distance.

Keep in mind that packing heavy furniture can be complicated due to the large weight and large dimensions of these items. Without a doubt, the best way to pack heavy items is to have reliable helpers around you when doing so. Also, pack heavy fragile items with extreme care and do not overload cardboard boxes. At best, you can hire packing professionals to quickly and safely pack your heavy items while you commit to other important tasks before you move.


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