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Moving can be very stressful for us. However, keep in mind that it can be an equally disturbing experience for pets. Maybe you have a dog, a cat, a bird, or some other pet that you want to relocate with. You must not forget their feelings. Since every animal can perfectly notice the change, they can feel very stressed. As you unpacked your boxes, your pet may become upset and prone to abnormal behavior. For instance, dogs can excessively bark, cats can excessively meow. Or they can urinate around the house. Hence pay attention to your pets and dedicate your time to them. If you hire a professional moving company such as Supreme Movers NC , that will take over all the work, moving with a pet will be completely harmless. In addition, here are some useful tips on how you can help your pet adjust to your new home.

Tips for helping your pet adjust to your new home

Moving to a new home induces anxiety. And here, we mean that your pet can be anxious. Pets aren’t able to mentally prepare for such a big change. So, this experience can be overwhelming for them. Luckily, there are many ways to make your pet feel more comfortable and secure in their new home. We at movers Gastonia NC will give you some useful advice. Find out how to help your pets adjust to a new home:

  • Keep their schedule
  • Spread your scent
  • Give them plenty of exercises
  • Set up your pets’ place
  • Bring favorites
Cat is sleeping
Your pet might feel anxious because of the relocation

 Always keep their schedule

Your pet has its’ own routine. Your pet likely knows when it is time to eat, play, sleep, and go to the bathroom. If you have a dog, he also has a routine for going outside. And if you have a cat that is accustomed to outdoor time, pay attention to it. Maybe these things can seem arbitrary to us. Even though we all have our own routines. However, your pet’s world revolves around everyday events. So, it is important to be consistent. And make sure to keep their schedule strict. Even if you’re in the middle of unpacking and cleaning your new home. If you have relocated to another state, time is the same for our pets. In that case, interstate moving companies in North Carolina can give you some useful advice.

Spread your scent in order to help your pet adjust to your new home

Most pets (and animals in general) rely on their sense of smell. This especially refers to dogs. Pet’s sense of smell helps them to perceive the world. So, try to keep the things’ smell as consistent as possible. Throughout the whole process of moving, it will help your pet feel comfortable. It is a good idea to spray your new home with certain fragrances. And do so in the weeks before the move. Afterward, make sure that your new home holds this same scent. That way your pet will feel safe at your new home. To adjust your new home for your pets, Charlotte residential movers can give you additional tips.


There is a simple rule: tired pets are good pets. Pets with too much energy are susceptible to undesired behavior. For example, your cat may start scratching your favorite furniture. No one wants their precious belongings to be ruined. Especially if you have expensive pieces of furniture, such as antiques or musical instruments. If you have those, piano movers charlotte NC can give you excellent ideas on how to preserve your pianos or other musical instruments. Or your dog may start chewing your shoes. Be sure to play with them. A lot. That way they will associate their new home with fun. And of course, they will be too tired to behave anxiously as well.

Man playing with a dog
Exercising with your pets is a great way to help your pet adjust to your new home

Set up your pets’ place

This is mandatory. When you first arrive in your new home, set up your pet’s space. Place their bowls, blankets, toys, in a special corner for them. Put their bed in one secured corner. That is a great way to help your cat or dog feel safe in the chaos of moving and unpacking. The chosen spot doesn’t need to be permanent. Later you can change if you notice that your pet prefers some other spot. Make sure that their bed is placed far away from big, heavy, and bulky items. During the unpacking and cleaning, items can easily fall and hurt your pet. For instance, if you are moving your pool table or other entertaining belongings, keep them in a separate room. Ask pool table movers in Charlotte NC to help you organize the layout of your belongings.

Bring favorites

As you settle in your new home, you may be tempted to get your pet new belongings. But this is not a good time to introduce new items to your pet. Rather, you should bring your pet’s favorite toys, dishes, and treats. And, of course, other familiar items. These will help your pet feel in control. So they will faster recognize it as their home.

Stay with your pets and help them adjust to your new home

Probably, your pet won’t understand that they are in their new home for a few days. That’s why it is more likely for your pet to be on edge. And a bit anxious. So, consider staying by their side. That way they won’t feel alone in a new and foreign environment. If you have to leave for some reason ask for help. Try to find someone to who your pet is accustomed. So they will have some company while you’re out. That is an excellent way to help your pet adjust to your new home.

Woman and a dog on a couch
Stay with your pet after the move

Give your pet the attention

Most importantly, give your pet the attention it is used to. An extra loving will go a long way to make your pet feel at home. It is not easy moving with your pet to the new home. However, remember that difficult behaviors are a result of their discomfort with the change. You can always get help from a professional trainer or veterinarian if you need it. That way you will help your pet adjust to your new home properly!


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