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Your moving process from Matthews NC is underway. You are slowly solving all the tasks from your to-do list, and now the packing of your kitchen is approaching. The kitchen is perhaps the most demanding part of your house for packing. Because there are a lot of things in it, big and small. Kitchen appliances, furniture, utensils, cutlery, are just some of what you need to pack when you decide to move to a new home. So, now you think about packing kitchen appliances? The moving process can be very difficult, and you can hire movers Matthews NC. And they help you with that and provide you with moving services which can make your moving process easier. But and we are here, and we’ve prepared a short guide to how to quickly and easily pack and move your kitchen.

Prepare your kitchen for the packing process

Once you get to the packing process, you need to prepare your kitchen stuff for packing before you start. The preparation of the packing is similar for each room in your house. Whether it’s a bedroom or a bathroom. So, packing is the main process of every move, and it’s also the most demanding, but it also takes the longest. Because you can not only pack things as you see fit, but you need to prepare them in advance.

moving box with kitchen stuff inside
When packing kitchen appliances, try to do it according to plan and in the right way.

The process of preparing things consists of three main steps, which can change depending on which room is in question.

  • Sorting
  • Cleaning
  • Damage protection

In the first step, you need to sort things out. So, that step means that you separate what you need and what you don’t need anymore. What you no need anymore, can be divided into two groups. In the first group, separate what is in good condition and what you can give or donate to someone. And in the second group, throw away what is no longer usable and what you can throw in the trash because it’s important to de-clutter before moving.

The second step is cleaning. Kitchen appliances require to be cleaned before packing. This means, for example, taking food out of the fridge and cleaning it, as well as draining water from your dishwasher.

The third step is very important. It’s the protection of things from damage. Tape all the doors on your kitchen appliances, and wrap your appliances in protective foil. This will prevent them from being damaged during transport.

Provide the right packaging

Appropriate and quality packing is essential when packing delicate items such as kitchen equipment. Some of the moving companies in North Carolina can even provide you with packaging. When choosing the right packaging, it’s desirable that it be high quality and durable. Also, impact-resistant. Plastic or cardboard boxes, original packaging if you have them, bags, wooden pendant boxes, etc. are most often used for the packaging process. When purchasing packaging, don’t forget the protective material.

A person who marks a moving box for packing kitchen appliances
Choose quality packaging, and be sure to label it when packing kitchen appliances.

How to pack large kitchen appliances?

When it comes to large kitchen appliances, preparing for packing and just packing is a bit more difficult. And for these things you can use packing services Charlotte NC.

First, you need to prepare for packing. The group of large kitchen appliances includes a refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, washing machine, electric stove, microwave, espresso coffee machine, etc. All these things first need to be cleaned up. Once cleaned, wrap them with a protective material such as bubble wrap, and pack preferably in original boxes. If you don’t have them, you can also use ordinary cardboard ones. With large appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, and others, you can only protect them with foil and load them. While it’s less, you can pack it in boxes of the appropriate size according to the same principle.

Packing small kitchen appliances

The group of smaller kitchen appliances includes a toaster, mixer, blender, stick mixer, meat grinder, etc. These kitchen appliances require a slightly simpler approach because they are smaller. Therefore, they require less time but the same way of packing. So, for these small kitchen appliances, it’s assumed that they are already clean.

As for their packaging, the best way would be to preserve the original packaging. But if you haven’t saved it, you can always use some of what you already have. So, after cleaning, wrap them in protective foil and pack them in a box. If you have a large box, you can pack them all in one, putting crumpled newsprint between them to prevent them from hitting and pushing each other. We would like to remind you that you must mark the boxes in which you pack your small appliances.

A kitchen with a lot of kitchen stuff.
The kitchen is one of the most demanding parts of your house when it comes to packing.

Leave this job to professionals

When you make the decision to move, and start implementing it, it’s important that you don’t go into the process alone. Because it’s generally known how complicated this process is in itself and how much it requires work and effort. That is why it’s important that you have the professional help of a moving expert. What we want to tell you is that by hiring a reliable moving company you have the opportunity to use packing and storage services. But even when it comes to moving, you can always use storage Charlotte NC. Regardless of whether you are moving, you can use this service on other occasions. For example, when you want to put away your seasonal things, downsize your home, or renovate it. The choice is yours, and the quality of service is guaranteed.

Organization is the key

Finally, we want to tell you that organization is very important even for packing kitchen appliances. We advise you to be very well organized and to have moving experts by your side. Because only in this way will your moving be successful and turned into a wonderful experience that you will remember and retell for a long time.


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