Guide to moving a wine collection from Monroe, NC

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Packing and moving any type of glassware and bottles is always difficult. These parts are especially prone to breaking during the moving process. From wine, champagne to beer collections, bottles tend to be strangely shaped. Which makes them especially difficult to pack. And transport. With the right packaging materials and knowledge, moving a wine collection can be a nice experience. We can help make the process easier. Now you can relocate your precious collection without any difficulties. With Supreme Movers NC, your wine collection will get in your new home without any problems. Let’s see how to move a wine collection from Monroe NC.

Moving a wine collection

First of all, before you start to pack your wine collection, you need to calculate the total value of it. After that, you can decide if you want to move your wine using a moving van or a climate-controlled vehicle. Full service by Charlotte residential movers will guide you in this decision. In order to move your wine collection properly, make sure to follow these steps:

  • Appraise your wine collection by a professional
  • Follow regulations of moving alcohol
  • Pack your wine collection adequately
  • Make sure to transport in a climate-controlled condition if needed
  • List it as a high-value inventory
Labeled bottle
Make sure to move your wine collection properly

Appraise your wine collection before you relocate

You should definitely appraise your wine before you contact movers Monroe NC to relocate it. This step is very important. If there is any damage to your collection during the transport, you will have the right documents to obtain the value you lost. However, appraisal fees vary from one place to another.

Usually, appraisers charge by the hour. Sometimes they charge they can contract for a flat fee. If you want to find a good wine appraiser, you can always ask a local wine merchant who handles collectible vintages. You can also ask a wine vendor for a good recommendation.

Regulations of moving alcohol

Before you start to pack your wine collection, you should consider the regulations of transporting alcohol. Some states won’t allow moving the wine across their borders. So, it is often regulated differently from state to state. Be sure to check with the alcohol control authorities at your desired place before the relocation. Avoid being persecuted by inquiring restrictions governing the types of alcohol that can be brought in for personal use. And also check the amount of alcohol that can be brought. If you are not sure about those regulations, you can always consult with your local movers Charlotte NC.

The right way to pack your wine collection

You already know that you have to be careful when you are packing your wine collection. If you are packing the collection by yourself, think about obtaining the wine packing boxes. These are special boxes and commercial airlines usually use them for transporting. Those boxes are made of either styrofoam or of corrugated cardboard. Materials like these are great protection for bottles, and other fragile items too. You can easily purchase them at any store that sells wine.

However, it is always recommendable to pay additional attention. Sometimes bottle shock can occur. During the transport, wine may shake. If it opens too soon, a loss of flavor can happen. So, let the bottles rest for seven days prior to opening. Wines should be packed on its side. Just as you would store it in your home. Or, simply ask for packing services Charlotte NC to do it for you.

Bottles of wine in wooden box
Make sure to enable the right temperature for your wine collection

Move a wine collection in a climate-controlled condition

If you are moving a wine collection through different climates, certain changes can occur. Changes in the environment can affect the taste and appearance of wine. For example, many wine experts admit that older red wines’ flavors should be protected from shifting temperature. For those types of wines, a consistent temperature of 55 degrees should be maintained. Other types, like white wine, are less susceptible to the change of temperature.

If you are relocating a small collection, then transport it by car. That way, you can regulate atmospheric conditions. However, for transporting a large or a rare wine collection, you should use a climate-controlled van. In any case, you should definitely make arrangements in advance. And also be ready for an additional cost. Qualified moving services Charlotte NC will give you all the information about transporting your wine.

High-value inventory

Be sure to list your wine collection as a high-value inventory. That way, movers will pay special attention to it. Also,  it will ensure that you receive the full value in the case of a claim. The moving company will make an inventory of your shipment before loading your items. Upon reaching your destination, check carefully your household belongings. Your wine collection should be on the form. If any loss or damage occurs, note it on the inventory.

The right boxes for moving a wine collection

We already mentioned that your wine must be packed carefully. If you want to relocate your wine by yourself, you need to know what kind of boxes you can use. Boxes made of styrofoam are durable. They can provide a small layer of insulation. It is good for protecting the wine from temperature fluctuations. Boxes with double-wall are usually used in refrigerated trucks. The double-wall construction is excellent for transporting on pallets.

Bottles of wine in boxes
You will need special boxes for wine

If you have an original wood crate, that would be the best! Many good-quality wines come in wood crates. These crates are durable. Another type of box that you can use is a retail box. But these are only for short-distance moving. Because they have single wall construction. And they are not very durable. Also, you may want to store your wine before the relocation. Don’t worry, your collection in storage Charlotte NC will be taken care of.

Guide to moving wine

If you are a wine enthusiast, you will definitely want to relocate your wine safely! Especially if you were buying wine for years. Wine bottles are unique items. So, be careful when you pack and transport your wine. Get more tips on moving a wine collection from Monroe, NC.


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