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COVID-19 has changed the normal routine flow of daily life around the world. Requirements on social distancing and restrictions on gathering have put strains on things we normally do. Further, the guidelines on public health change frequently, creating uncertainties in terms of planning things. However, moves can’t always wait. In continuation, we’ll touch on the most important points related to moving during the coronavirus outbreak. Your trusted Supreme Movers NC are always on hand to ensure your smooth moving project. So, what is the process like, are moving services available, and what to do to keep yourself and others safe, during the move?

Moving during the coronavirus outbreak overview

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about moving, you’re not alone. For the second year in a row, the pandemic is driving us all up the wall. But despite the necessary precautions and numerous restrictions, residential moves, as well as commercial moving during the pandemic is available. Moving companies are essential businesses, and as such have the permission to operate. Of course, policies and protocols are in place, that otherwise wouldn’t have been there. These are to ensure your maximum safety and protection during your relocation.

White moving van on a road
Movers are an essential business, hence you can book your moving services during the pandemic

If you’re bound to move, now you know you can book your services. In continuation, these are the parts and parcels for moving during the coronavirus outbreak, in a safe and responsible manner.

  • Prepare for the move
  • Sort out packing
  • Cleaning precautions
  • Storage solutions
  • DIY moves and what to consider
  • General precautions

What’s your moving plan?

We often make a point to have a moving plan ahead of time. The importance of this advice is magnified if you’re moving during the pandemic. If you need to book flight tickets or overnight stay, do so well in advance. Ensure you review cancelation policies, as retraction of services isn’t a big surprise nowadays. Book your local movers NC and call to confirm your reservation. Also, discuss the best practices for the moving day, and share any concerns or specific requirements you may have. Get as much essential information in regards to your moving project. Check what the local orders are if you’re moving to a different city. Have a master plan ready for the exact steps you need to take, so you move quickly and efficiently during the pandemic.

Packing team boxing up items
Packing services are more economical than buying the supplies on your own

Packing for the move

Ensure you get all the packing supplies you’ll need in one go. Organize yourself well, so you won’t need to make more than one trip to the store. Or better yet, enlist your mover with their packing services, and have one less thing to worry about. Besides providing the packing supplies, the packers will take care of your items too. You won’t need to go through the tedious process of wrapping and placing everything, wondering if something’s going to get damaged during transport. Pro packing help is also a more economical option than buying the materials yourself. It’s difficult to evaluate how much of what you’ll need to pack your entire household. So ultimately you’ll end up buying more or less of what you need. Either way, you’ll end up feeling overwhelmed by packing only. Thus, take pro assistance when you’re moving during the pandemic, and cut on stress levels.

Ensure cleanliness when you’re moving during the coronavirus outbreak

Let’s stick to the packing part for just a bit. Even if you decide to take the assistance of your mover for the packing part, you’ll still have to sort out your belongings yourself. This means you need to decide what’s to keep and move with you, and what’s not. You can additionally benefit from adding junk removal services to your moving package at this stage. Anyhow, preparing your items for packing is a good opportunity to give them a good clean. While sorting them out, wipe them down with a sanitizer. If you don’t have any, make your own. Add 1 tablespoon of bleach to 1 gallon of water. It’s a relatively cheap solution, and it’s very effective in disinfecting your possessions. This is an easy and reliable way to keep yourself and anybody else safe and healthy when moving during the coronavirus outbreak.

Cleaning supplies for moving during the coronavirus outbreak
It’s a good idea, and it’s pragmatic too, to disinfect your items while preparing them for packing

Are storage solutions available at this time?

They sure are. However, there are certain limitations when it comes to storage units also. You may expect that the number of people allowed to visit the unit at one time will be limited. The timings that permit visits may also change. If you need storage for your moving needs during the pandemic, rely on your mover to suggest you the right solution. As the virus can survive on surfaces, storage facilities are also required to follow adequate hygiene practices. Ensure you choose a provider that you can trust, in case you need a storage unit.

What to consider if you plan a DIY move during the pandemic

Due to restrictions on social gatherings, you may not be able to call on friends for some much-needed help. DIY moves are always risky to a certain extent, especially when it comes to the safety of your belongings. But DIY moving during the coronavirus outbreak could be even more nerve-wracking than usual. To rent a moving truck can be more complicated, due to protocols for physical distancing, and other restrictions. It’s best to hire professional movers to carry out your move under the circumstances. You can choose high-quality services at affordable rates, so why would you invite unnecessary stress and hassle with a DIY move during a pandemic?

A girl at the back of a van
Refrain from organizing DIY move during the pandemic, and opt for affordable and efficient pro services, for a smooth experience

General precautions for moving during the coronavirus outbreak

While moving during the pandemic can be carried out safely with the right help, there is a caveat. Albeit it could be that your moving date doesn’t allow you flexibility, under certain circumstances, it’s best to consider postponing your relocation. For instance, people over 60, or those with cardiovascular and respiratory pre-conditions, or diabetes, belong to a high-risk group. If you’re one of them, consider pushing back your moving date, and prioritize your health and well-being. Also, if you feel unwell, it’s best to talk to your mover, and let them know. Transparency helps stop the spread of the virus. Yours and the health of the movers is a top priority, so do your part to protect it, when moving during the pandemic.

So, this is our guide for moving during the coronavirus outbreak. Follow it, in addition to all the general guidelines, such as wearing a mask, wash hands and keep distance. Always put your and your movers’ health and safety in the first place. Good luck.


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