February events in Gastonia NC to enjoy after relocation

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Moved to Gastonia, North Carolina? Congrats on your decision. Gastonia is a perfect place to start a new life. Now it’s time to settle down and enjoy the charms of one of the most beautiful cities in the Charlotte metropolitan area. And, February events in Gastonia are awaiting you. So, to start enjoying Gastonia events, you should finish the post-relocation process. Luckily, with Supreme Movers NC, you’ll be able to complete your after-the-move tasks.

About Gastonia, North Carolina

Gastonia is the largest city in Gaston County in North Carolina, with a population of about 80, 000 which makes it the second-largest city in the Charlotte area. The city is home to textile manufacturing but is also known for its healthcare and educational systems.

Gastonia NC
Explore Gastonia after the move

Gastonia got its name from William Gaston, a United States Representative. In terms of culture, Gastonia and its surroundings have several remarkable sights. The most notable places are The Schiele Museum of Natural History, The Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, U. S. National Whitewater Center, and Crowders Mountain State Park. In case you want to move to Gastonia from a long distance, you can hire intestate moving companies North Carolina to take care of your relocation.

Why do people love living in Gastonia NC?

There are a lot of reasons why people move to Gastonia, NC. One of the main reasons is that life in Gastonia is cheaper than the US average cost of living. Most importantly, it’s s family-friendly city with many outdoor activities. Gastonia has all the amenities of a big town, but it’s not crowded. There’s a mixture of urban and suburban. Another reason why people move to Gastonia is that the climate is mild. Winters are not too cold, and summers are not too hot. When it comes to education, there are four public schools. Also, there are a couple of private schools. However, there are no colleges or universities. The transportation system is very well developed. So, if these reasons sound appealing enough to move to Gastonia, don’t hesitate to hire Charlotte residential movers.

Things to do in Gastonia

Before we move on to February events in Gastonia, let’s check some general activities. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  1. Visit Crowders Mountain State Park: if you love hiking, then Crowders Mountain is a perfect match. It offers challenging hiking routes, cliffs, challenging trails such as The Ridgeline Trail, which is one of the eleven most demanding trails. The view from the mountain is magnificent.
  2. Visit The Schiele Museum of Natural History: The museum is home to the only planetarium in the Charlotte area.
  3. Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden: if you are a nature lover, visiting Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is a must. It is located on the banks of Lake Wylie, surrounded by beautiful tropical plants and orchids.
  4. Visit the Gastonia restaurants: Restaurants are one of the main reasons why people love living in Gastonia. You can enjoy delicious cuisine at every corner. However, the first restaurant you should visit is Webb Custom kitchen.
A woman searching the net for February events in Gastonia
You can find many events in Gastonia on the internet

Most popular February events in Gastonia NC

January is almost over, and now it’s the perfect time to plan what February events in Gastonia you are going to visit. Luckily, you don’t have to search more. You are in the right place. Our movers Gastonia NC prepared a list of the most popular events in February.

  1. The Nightcap: Leather and lace Masquerade – is an interactive show hosting various artists and poets. Here you can enjoy live poetry, music, food, and a bar. It takes place on February 4th, Paradise 704, 316 East Franklin Boulevard.
  2. Open house at Loray Mill Event – If you are going to marry and need space for your wedding, visit this event and connect with talented vendors. It’s a free event where you can enjoy delicious food and beverage. It takes place on February 5th.
  3. Love and Laughter – presented by Jazz B Entertainment and performed by Glenn Jones. It takes place on February 11th, Shepp’s Venue
  4. Superbowl Party at Hickory Tavern Gastonia – it includes games, contests, and prizes. It takes place on February 13th.

Other February events in Gastonia

Among the events listed above, you can also visit The Wind Blown Poetry reading on February 6th at Little Theater of Gastonia. The Queer Poet will perform sets of personal poems. Or, you can visit The Nort Carolina Junior Chamber Year-End Convention. It’s an annual two-day event that provides competitions and networking opportunities which takes place on February 4th.

Organize your home before heading out

Since there are many events in Gastonia to visit, organize your home on time so you can fully enjoy Gastonia’s life. So, let’s see how to arrange your home after the move so you can enjoy the upcoming February events.

  • Make a floor plan: this will help you organize better and finish the unpacking faster.
  • Arrange the furniture: Re-assemble the furniture and arrange it. If you have a piano and don’t know how to reassemble it, ask your piano movers Charlotte NC to help you.
  • Unpack room by room: Start with the room of your highest priority.
A family unpacking after the move
Unpack and arrange your home before visiting February events in Gastonia

How to unpack your belongings after moving to Gastonia

To settle down in your new home as soon as possible, unpack with a system. Start with necessities and arrange the furniture. Then move to room-by-room unpacking. Unpack the kitchen first. Next, get your bedroom done. Then, arrange the bathrooms since they don’t require much time. After that, unpack things for the game room. And, if you need any help with reassembling the furniture, ask your pool table movers Charlotte NC to take care of it. Finally, deal with the storage rooms last since they aren’t such a priority and require a lot of time to unpack.

Enjoy February events in Gastonia and let your movers take care of the after-the-move process

After the move period can be quite stressful. So, it would be a bad idea to hire professionals to help you unpack and arrange your home. If you like this option, movers Huntersville NC are at your disposal. This way, you won’t have to worry about whether you’ll manage to visit February events in Gastonia. Our movers will make sure you move into your new home fast.


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