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As you have finished with your relocation, it is time to enjoy your new home. And your new surrounding. After the exhaustion of the moving, you can now relax. So you should enjoy your first days after moving to Concord from Charlotte NC. And Supreme Movers NC will tell you how to do so!

About Concord

First, let say something about Concord. You should know that this city is quite harmonious in every way. From its beautiful parks and golf courses. To its warm and friendly environment. In Concord, you can find great restaurants and popular breweries. Along with a thriving art scene. Followed by a fascinating history. This place is located towards the center of the state of North Carolina. Which makes its equal distance from both the mountains and the beaches. Since it is located in Cabarrus County, Concord is close to Charlotte. And it is considered an affordable and family-friendly place. And movers in Concord NC operate here as well!

a couple in a restaurant
Enjoy your first days after moving to Concord by visiting restaurants

Population in Concord

There is a population of 87,600 people. Hence this area is large enough to have a city feel. And it also provides hometown comfort. Also, Concord is the tenth-largest city in the state of North Carolina. And the Charlotte Metro Area’s second-largest city. With moving companies in Charlotte NC that work throughout the year, it won’t be hard to move if you should decide so. According to statistics, the median age is 35 years old.

Weather in Concord

Concord is the perfect place for you If you don’t like snow. Actually, Concord rarely has snow. The average height of the snow is about three inches total per year. So, it is usually warm and sunny in Concord. Along with an average high of about 90 degrees in the summer months. And a low of about 30 degrees in colder months. But, rain is common in Concord. Typically the average is about 44 inches of rain per year. This is slightly higher than in the United States average of 39 inches of rain per year. Generally, Concord has nice, and warm, sunny weather. You should consider the wheater if it can affect your business. In that case, you can always consult with the Charlotte commercial movers to help you.

Enjoy your first days after moving to Concord

Now, let’s see what places and fun activities you can do in Concord! We will discuss visiting:

  • Restaurants, breweries, and wineries
  • Museums, art galleries, and theatres
  • Parks
  • Interesting activities for children

Since you have just moved to Concord, you can leave your unpacking to packing services in Charlotte NC, and start enjoying fun activities!

Visit restaurants, breweries, and wineries during the first days after moving to Concord

You should definitely try barbecue. It is a staple item in the North Carolinian diet. And as soon as you relocate to Concord you will understand why! Because this city is home to coveted restaurants. Such as the Smoke Pit. Which serves award-winning barbecue. And has many customers each day. Additionally, Concord houses R&R BBQ, Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q, and Johnny Roger’s BBQ & Burgers. If barbecue isn’t a good choice for you, there are plenty of bistros, cafés, trattorias, and more to choose from. For instance, 2 Gals Kitchen is a popular café. They serve sandwiches, salads, coffee, and more in a nice inviting atmosphere.

When it comes to breweries, there are several state-of-the-art breweries. Just like Cabarrus Brewing Company, High Branch Brewing, and Red Hill Brewery. However, if you prefer wine, there are several wineries to choose from. Such as the Cabo Winery and Cougar Run Winery.

You can always ask for junk removal in Charlotte to help you with unpacking and decluttering your items!

A hallway in a museum
Visit museums in Concord

Visit also museums, art galleries, and theatres

Currently, there is a burgeoning art scene in Concord. With plenty of galleries, museums, art programs, theatres, and workshops. First, you can visit The Cabarrus Arts Council. It is located in the historic Cabarrus courthouse. And it is home to the Davis Theatre. Along with four galleries. And there are exhibitions that change every two months. Additionally, The Cabarrus Arts Council carries out one of North Carolina’s largest arts-in-education programs. In that program, local school districts are involved. Hence they support local artists through grants and workshops.

You should also check the ClearWater Artist Studios. Since they offer classes provided by talented teachers. And it is an affordable space for artists. Also, the members of the community can hold private or public events here.

The Concord Museum is one of the oldest in Cabarrus County. There the cultural history of Cabarrus County’s past and present American, African-American and Mexican-American communities is preserved.

Going to parks is a great way to spend your first days after moving to Concord

There are many parks to visit here. Frank Liske Park is designed for explorers. It offers 238 acres of walking and hiking trails. Along with paddle boarding, and a soccer complex. You can also visit James L. Dorton Park. It is spread on 24-acres. Tennis courts, soccer fields, and a disc golf course are all available. Along with many walking trails, picnic shelters, and a concession stand. Don’t forget about Beverly Hills Park. Even though this park has four acres, it still offers playground equipment and a picnic shelter.

A tree in a park
Enjoy in many beautiful parks

Interesting activities for children

You should know that the City of Concord is a perfect place to raise a family. Since it has a wide selection of activities for children. Those activities include plenty of parks, hiking trails, and gardens. You can visit with your family a sea life aquarium. It is located in the Concord Mills Mall. And it contains thousands of aquatic creatures. With many interactive touch pools and a 360° ocean tunnel. Your children will also enjoy Xtreme Play. This place is also located in Concord’s Carolina Mall. In Xtreme Play there are inflatable slides, obstacle courses, and an arcade. Along with a comfortable parents’ lounge.

We hope that you will enjoy your first days after moving to Concord from Charlotte NC!


I have hired Supreme movers to help me relocate my store from Concord to Charlotte and couldn't be more satisfied. They were very professional and finished everything on time, just like we initially agreed on. Prime service without a doubt!

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