Common ways items get damaged in storage

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If you decided to downsize and move to a smaller home, then you are probably left with some items you don’t know what to do with. And if you can’t or won’t throw them out, then you can always rent a storage unit. Now, when it comes to renting a storage unit after the move, you should know what are the common ways items get damaged in storage. With the help of moving companies in North Carolina, you can learn more about how this can happen and how to avoid it.

One of the common ways items get damaged in storage is not having any packing supplies

One thing is for certain- if you don’t pack your items for storage properly, then you are risking getting them damaged after the move. This is something that you should think about once you are done moving. And if you were using the help of Charlotte residential movers probably you have some quality leftover packing supplies you can use for this.

a woman learning more about the items get damaged in storage
Items get damaged in storage if you don’t use good packing supplies

Pack your items properly for the storage

What you want to do next is to wrap your items for storage. It is not the same as with packing for the move since your items will stay in one place for quite some time. Consider the factors and the weather when packing your belongings. They need to be protected at all times. That is why sometimes it is for the best if you get packing services Charlotte NC for both your move and your storage. Professionals know how to properly handle your items for any occasion.

a person packing
Make sure to take time when packing your items

To avoid damages to your belongings rent a good storage unit

It is very important that you only rent a storage unit that can provide your items with everything they need. That means protection against weather, heat, burglary, moisture, etc. Your items will always be safe if you rent a good storage unit. And that is why you need to consider getting storage Charlotte NC after you are done moving. Here, you can store your items and keep them safe for a long time.

Always pack your glass items with care

Packing glass items and storing them is something that will take some time and patience. But if you have proper packing supplies then you will do this with ease. The proper way to pack them is to:

  • Simply wrap your glass items with old newspaper and place them in a sturdy box. That way you can rest assured they are safely packed and stored.
  • Also, you can safely transport your items to your new home with local movers Charlotte NC. Then you can safely move them to the storage room after the move is done.

These are some of the common ways items get damaged in storage. It is easy to avoid all of this if you follow this guide. Furthermore, if you are still looking for a safe way to move your items before storing them, then you can always get movers Monroe NC to help you out. With professional help, nothing can go wrong.


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