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A large number of Americans have moved cross country for many different reasons. Among them are those who organize their moving alone, in an attempt to save some money, but there are also those who decide to seek professional help. But unfortunately, some of them are facing a moving scam because they haven’t researched enough about their chosen moving company. Worst of all that can happen is they take your money never show up at your address, or they just take your stuff. But don’t worry, if you have reliable moving companies in North Carolina next to you, believe that you are in safe hands. They will do their best to provide you with a safe service and justify your departure. We will also help you protect yourself from moving scams. Keep reading, and find out how to ensure a safe move with the right professionals.

What are the moving scams?

The simplest word that is the definition of a moving scam, is fraud. Only the manner of deception is different. So, moving scams involves fraud, most often in the form of payment, ie the price you are asked to pay probably for services you will never receive, or for your confiscated items, for which they ask you for extra money to get them back. Also, in moving scams we can classify the situation when you pay one and get the other. As well as hidden costs, and some puzzling points in the contract. These are just some of the most common moving scams, which unfortunately happen often, and what is needed is to get in the way of them. And the only way to do that is for all those who are planning to move to be careful and to recognize the fraud at the beginning.

Paying more than expected is one of the most common ways of fraud.

How to protect yourself from moving scams?

Here are some of the best ways to avoid moving scams in NC:

  • Choose a company based on the recommendations of friends, relatives, and see moving reviews.
  • Check the USDOT number. You can use the FMSCA site to check.
  • Check out the company’s business history at
  • If you see a few mistakes, avoid that moving company
  • Request a visit to the company in your home for a free estimate
  • Be sure to ask for a contract with all the items on offer
  • Use the card to pay and ask for proof of payment
  • See all customer comments, if you see that all comments are positive, know that something “stinks”

Pay attention to hidden contract items

Hidden items can be found in contracts, where they are mysteriously written. What you need to do when you notice something wrong is asking for an explanation. In contracts, you can often find hidden responsibilities and some small fees. But we advise you to check each item of the contract before signing.

The person signing the contract
Protect yourself from moving scams and never sign an empty and incomplete contract.

Also, one of the reasons why you need a contract is to protect yourself from possible fraud. Simply demand that everything you agree on to be written in the contract. Also, be sure to ask for the final price of the move. This will protect you from possible additional claims. An example of good and secure business as well as cooperation can give you interstate moving companies North Carolina. They will provide you with a secure service, without hidden and additional costs. You will also be able to check their business and research their business history at any time.

The first signs that may indicate moving frauds

As we have already said, fraud needs to be stopped. And you can only do that if you notice the first clever things in time. We will single out some of the things that can indicate fraud at the very beginning.

  • Their company’s website does not display address, registration, license, or insurance information
  • Lower prices than average
  • Last-minute offers with the insistence that you sign the contract as soon as possible
  • Estimating with the phone
  • Large deposit or payment in advance in cash
  • Signing an empty or incomplete contract

Carefully make a choice and protect yourself from scams

We have already said that only if you do enough research can you avoid moving scams and have a safe move. An example of fraud can be an orally agreed piano moving service, which unfortunately was not included in your contract. After that, your piano remains unmoved. Or worst of all, damaged or “lost”. But don’t worry if you make the right and safe choice and choose reliable piano movers Charlotte NC. They will give you a completely clear contract with all the listed services including piano moving. Your piano will be in safe hands with them and safely moved to a new address within the promised time.

Professional movers
Choose and research carefully, because that is the only way to a safe move and the right hands.

The same thing applies when you need pool table move services. Services such as piano moving and pool table moving are part of special services that are made separately. And the common scams may be that they were “promised” to you but were not included in the contract. So, pay for them and don’t get them. For this reason, pool table movers Charlotte NC enter this service separately into the contract, in an easily visible place, with the correct price. If you decide to give them a chance, believe that you will not experience any inconvenience and be deceived. They will do their best to provide you with a secure service and justify your trust.

Research is the safest way to protect yourself

Lastly, the only way to protect yourself from moving scams is to research every detail of every moving company on your list. Pay attention to everything we have mentioned in this text. And especially pay attention to signing the contract and payment. Only true professionals like movers Mooresville NC will give you a clear contract, and ask you to pay after the service is provided. With safe and proven movers like them, you will have a safe move, without fraud, sudden and hidden costs, as well as unpleasant situations and stress. Choose proven!


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