8 Tips for a safe move during the pandemic

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Since the pandemic started, our daily lives have changed drastically. We have learned to keep our distance and to follow strict guidelines on what to do and how to behave. And It could be especially challenging to plan a safe move during the pandemic. If you are considering moving to a new home or office, you could be wondering how to stay safe in the event of having to relocate. Here at Supreme Movers NC, we have compiled a short list of tips on how you can plan out your move in the safest way possible. By following our 8 tips, you will be able to move to a new location safely even during the pandemic.

1. Look for a company that is still operating in the area

Since the pandemic is unpredictable, start off by confirming that the company of your choosing is allowed to operate in your area. There could be a quarantine imposed in your area, so make sure the company is able to assist you with the move. You should always be aware of the regulations and conform to the guidelines. To help you with your search for a reputable moving company, then consider hiring one of the best Charlotte residential movers. We also offer a wide range of services that will help you with moving safely during the pandemic:

  • If you need to move any items that require special care, then consider some of the most reputable piano movers Charlotte NC can offer.
  • If you have a pool table that you will be bringing with you, then consider hiring some of the most reputable pool table movers Charlotte NC has.
A person with a mask holding box
Check if the company of your choosing is operating in the area and whether they stick to the regulations

2. Keep in mind the Covid-19 regulations

Since you are hiring a moving company, try to always keep in mind the regulations to ensure a safe move during the pandemic. To stay safe and maintain your peace of mind, you can discuss the safety procedures with the company beforehand. Then, try to come to a plan of action that will suit both parties. You can ask the company about their protocols and make sure the movers will be wearing masks and gloves.

3. Always maintain a distance to stay safe during the pandemic

Social distancing seems to have become the norm. If you have to be present during the move, never forget to maintain a 6-foot distance between you and the movers. This will help to ensure both you and them are as safe as possible. It would be even better if you could arrange a contactless move. Discuss this possibility with one of the many interstate moving companies North Carolina can offer and make the necessary arrangements to relocate safely. Some important things to consider are to leave a key with the necessary instructions. Also, remind the movers of all the items that might need special care.

Two women wearing masks and gloves
Always wear a mask and gloves

4. Get a virtual move estimate

Getting a virtual estimate could be an important step in ensuring a safe move during the pandemic. To avoid unnecessary social contact, you can get a virtual move estimate from your moving company. Schedule a call with the company where you can discuss all the necessary arrangements that the move will require. Getting a virtual estimate will not only reduce the risks that unnecessary contact can bring, but it can also save you some time. Instead of waiting for the movers to arrive at the location, you can guide them through your entire home virtually.

5. Confirm the rescheduling policy

As we have said, the current situation is anything but predictable. There could be a sudden quarantine in your area or you could be experiencing some other issues that would prevent you from moving at the specified time. So, always discuss the rescheduling policy with your moving company. You can always enlist the help of some of the best movers Huntersville NC can boast. It would be good to find a flexible company that can accommodate any sudden changes or delays.

6. Wear a mask for a safe move during the pandemic

This one goes without saying, but we still felt like we should mention it. Moving can be stressful and we can forget some simple and obvious things, such as wearing a mask. To make sure you can create a safe environment during your move, remember to wear a mask at all times. You can even ask the movers to wear one if they are not already. You can always talk to one of the movers Gastonia NC has to offer to make sure your move will be carried out safely. What is more, try to wear gloves and keep a disinfectant at hand.

A man with a mask putting moving box into van to ensure safe move during the pandemic
Ask your movers to wear a mask to ensure a safe move during the pandemic

7. Consider isolation before the move

Isolating for a few days before and during the move could be a great idea if you wish to avoid social contact. If you are considering moving to a new location temporarily, do not forget to make all the necessary arrangements with the moving company. Leave extensive and detailed instructions to avoid having to come to the location of the move should anything go wrong. Plan for any eventuality and do not forget to leave the key for the movers.

8. Disinfect everything upon arrival to ensure a safe move

The final step in making sure you have a safe move during the pandemic is to disinfect all your belongings upon arrival. Even though the moving company will probably take all the necessary precautions, you can never be 100% sure all your things are perfectly safe. Also, disinfect your new home before unpacking and make sure everything is clean and safe to use. To help you stay updated with the current regulations, often check the CDC website for any news regarding the pandemic.

Here at Supreme Movers NC, we understand that life has to go on, even in a situation like the pandemic. Because of this, we should be aware of the best ways we can ensure that we have a safe move during the pandemic. We hope you will find our tips useful for your next move.


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